10 Best Handheld Back Massagers with Buying Guide 2021

Best Handheld Back Massagers

Regularly your working hour starts in the morning but you never know when it will end. In between of this the labor you offer and the tension you achieve, sap the energy of your body and mind. Especially at the end of your working hours, you have to carry your body back home all by yourself. At your home, everybody is glad to see you back but you’re not. Because then you’re so tired and exhaust that even a smile also doesn’t come to you naturally. The muscles and nerves of your feet, calf, neck, shoulder, back, and thigh everything wrapped with fatigue and give up to respond properly.

10 Best Handheld Back Massager for Knots

PADO CM-05 Percussion Therapy Massager (Black) |...
923 Reviews
PADO CM-05 Percussion Therapy Massager (Black) |...
  • POWERFUL, GENTLE & QUIET: High Quality Cordless Massager for Aches, Pains and Muscle Recovery
  • MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS: Most Versatile Massager for On-The-Go Lifestyles
  • MULTIPLE MASSAGE TIPS: Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Acupressure Massages for total relief of soreness and knotted muscles.
  • EASY REACH DESIGN: Handheld, rechargeable long lasting built-in quality Li-ion battery. 180 minutes continuous, or 1-2 weeks with min use. Fast recharge. Be sure to *Charge before first time use.
  • GREAT GIFT: Give yourself or someone the gift of massage.

You have to do something for the tight muscles what you have earned while earning bread and butter for your family. The stressed, tired and tensed body, as well as your mind, need some relieves and free from all pains. At this situation all, you need a good massage to these of your desiring. Perhaps, a hand massager is the right choice for you. And if you want to get the best massager available in the market then you have to select the Pure Wave CM5 Cordless and Best Percussion Massager. This device has almost everything to provide you the best massaging experience and in this way, it serves to give you the relief from all kind of muscular and nervous system related troubles and you’ll be relaxed and composed after a daylong struggle. Now, this is time to have a look the features and the benefits of this one of the best handheld massager for knots in marketplace.

The Features That Must Draw Your Attention  

The Pure-Wave CM5 is one of the best cordless percussion massagers which come with 3 massage attachments that will provide different types of massage for you to select the right option. The powerful percussion motor delivers up to 3700 RPM which is more than enough for total massage. Besides that, there are some more important features. Like-

The Unique Design

The unique thing about this device is its well- thought design. This device is not only looking beautiful but also very effective. The handle is very easy for gripping and also easy to adjust its massage mode and the speed. Apart from that, the attachments can be changed in no time.

The Variable Speed Motor

This is another great thing this device has the percussion motor. This is a very high- speed motor with 3700 RPM speed. This rotation speed will make you sure that your muscle will be activated and will be relieved of all knots and tensions.

The Long- lasting Battery

This device is equipped with a 2200mA lithium battery which can last upon 180 minutes. It is enough for a weeklong massage if you use it 20-30 mins daily. The battery takes about 60 min to recharge.

The Attachments for Different Massages

This device has some different attachment that you need for different massages. The six-head stick is better for covering large areas including your back and thigh. It is specially designed to improve blood circulation to relieve stiffness and also fasten muscle recovery. Next is the point stick to break up the knots and relieve pain. This attachment is mainly designed for deep tissue massage to be very relaxing. Another one is the air-cushion attachment. This is for those who are not very fond of rough massage. This produces softer massage and it will be soothing for you. If you are suffering from aching joints then this device is definitely going to provide you the most expected relaxation.


  • check
    The high- speed motor provides relief from knots.
  • check
    Well designed, easy gripping and easy to adjust the speed.
  • check
    Great recharge time less than one hour and excellent 180 minutes battery life.
  • check
    3 Massage attachments to provide different massage experience.


  • To some people, it is difficult to tolerate the percussion massage at first. In that case, for first few days you may take massage for not more than 5-7 minutes.

Tight muscles are one of the big problems for them whose working hours and workload has no limit. So, obviously, at the end of the day, their muscles and nerves give up to follow your body properly. Their mind does not respond their body. At this stage of physical and mental state when you come back home nothing great things could excite you in that way and the thing you need is a complete rest. But here also you’ll face a restless and sleepless state. The only thing that could revive your freshness is a massage. A therapist is not always a reasonable option. In this situation, you need to buy a massager for yourself. Especially a handheld massager is the right unit to provide you the healing touch and among all kinds of the handheld massager, the Pure-Wave CM5 Extreme Cordless Percussion Massager ​is most popular handheld massagers for you. Now let’s see what the features that are going attract you are.

Features That Must Draw Your Attention

If you need to get instant pain relief through massaging then this is for you. This lightweight, the cordless machine provides you powerful deep tissue massage in one hand and a soft soothing massage in another hand. Take a look at Pure Wave Massager Review.

Design as You Like

This machine is especially well-designed for easy massaging. The handle is well shaped for easy grip and you can take your machine at the desired point of the various parts of your body.

Intensity Level as You Require

Sometimes you need the deep tissue massage to get relief from muscles stiffness, knots, spasms and joint pains. And sometimes you need a soft soothing massage to relieve stress. Keeping that in mind his machine provides different intensity level that you can set by the variable speed controller to get your desired intensity.

Attachments for Extra Massage

You will get three different massaging heads along with machine to provide you thee different types of massage-soft, medium, and firm. Now it is up to you to take massage as per your requirements.

Percussion Motor for Different Level

This feature seems little hard for the new user. But if you need deep tissue massage to reduce muscle tension and joint pains then the 3700RPM motor provide you that kind of service.

Rechargeable and Cordless Facility

This machine has two unique things that make it preferable. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery which means, you can take it anywhere along with you to get a massage. The other one is its cordless facility. It means, your machine can reach a point of your body to provide the necessary massage

Patented Air Cushion Stick

This is one of the limited machines where you get three massage sticks that can help you to get massage at any part of your body and allow you to have muscle recovery in short time.

The Battery for Extra Run

This machine is equipped with long-lasting lithium-ion battery which allows you to get 180 minutes nonstop massage and also takes less than one hour to be recharged again.

Pure Wave Massager Review gives you the relevant information about the plus points and also a minus point of this model for your consideration.


  • check
    This machine provides deep tissue massage t soothing as per your choice. It is also known as best percussion massager
  • check
    Long lasting battery to give the machine an extra life and also supplies enough power to get 180 minutes nonstop massage.


  • The intensity level should be low in the beginning. Because to some new users, the percussion massage seems hard.

PADO CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion + Vibration...
5,843 Reviews
PADO CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion + Vibration...
  • POWERFUL CORDLESS + RECHARGEABLE: Powerful cordless percussion massager. High speed percussion motor up to 3,700 RPM. Facial micro-vibration motor on handle side operating up to 10,000 RPM. Variable speed dial to adjust intensity of percussion or vibration.
  • BENEFITS: Repetitive acute percussion therapy relieves muscle tension, knots, spasms, aches and pains. Release trigger points, increase blood flow, gain greater range of motion. Great for use on areas such as neck, back, legs and feet. Five uniquely designed percussion attachments. Plus bonus Micro-Vibration attachment.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT EASY REACH DESIGN: Easy to hold extra long handle for hard to reach areas. Slim innovative design. Easy to use for self massage or with a partner. Approximate weight & dimensions 1.75 lb., 16.5” L x 2.75” W x 3.5” H.
  • INNOVATIVE SLIM DESIGN: Cordless to fit your lifestyle. Great for on-the-go or simply relaxing. Incorporate the Pado into your pre & post workout routines. Powerful enough for professionals but designed for at home therapy and muscle recovery.

Pure-Wave Body Massager Review reveals this is a brand to consider who always in search of something new to offer you. They have already given you some excellent massagers that provide you the most expected relief after a stressful and hard working day. This time also they proudly present you a device which not only takes care of your feet, leg, back, and arms but also look after your face. Because they know an over workload and stressful day put pressure on your face also. At the end of a working day, you always look gloomy and your tiredness is clearly visible on your face. So you need to reduce all your pain and stress gone and look fresh and fit again. That’s why the Pure-Wave CM7 by Pado Cordless Massager Body plus Facial is here ready for your service.

Features for Your Consideration 

This device will provide you from deep tissue massage to soothing massage. This light weighted, cordless and well-designed device relieves you from joint pain, muscle stiffness, knots and cramping legs. To give you the best service this device has some great elements to describe you. Let’s go through the Pure Wave Pado Review to know what is inside it.

Design to Catch Your Eyes

The first thing that surely going to catch your eyes is the well-thought design of this device. This device is not only nice to look but also very effective. Especially its handle is easy to grip that helps you to run the device properly. This cordless, lightweight and compact device delivers both percussion and vibration massage therapy.

Power of Percussion Motor

Having percussion motor is one of the great things about this device. This powerful motor can deliver up to 3700 RPM. This high speed will ensure you that your muscle will be activated leaving behind the knots and tensions. Besides that, the motor provides deep tissue massage which holds blood circulation and muscle flexibility.

Speed and Intensity Level

The Pure Wave CM7 has different intensity level and speed to provide you all kind of massage be it deep tissue massage or soft soothing massage. The variable speed control allows the device to vibrate and roll at your desired level.

Attachments that Make Different

This is probably the highlight of this device that certainly attracts you towards it. The three different massage heads can work individually to give you a firm, medium and soft massage to get you the most desired massage. But most importantly, this device is equipped with facial massage head which is attached to a micro- vibration motor on handle side that operated up to 10,000RPM. This massage tightens and revitalizes your face muscles and give you a fresh look despite having a day-long outing. Even you can use cleansers, toners or moisturizers while massaging. Apart from that, the facial massage helps you to get relief from a headache and jaw pain as well.

Air Cushion Stick for More Massage

The three massage sticks available with this device help you to get massage at the different parts of your body at your desired intensity.

Pure Wave Pado Review tells you the various advantages or disadvantages of this device. Here they are.


  • check
    Long lasting battery service and 180 minutes nonstop massage.
  • check
    The cordless device can reach any spot of the body.
  • check
    Variable speed controller helps to get different intensity level.
  • check
    Facial massage to boost up the tiring face.


  • The intensity level is little aggressive to some new users. But this could be avoided if the user starts with low-intensity level at the beginning.

PADO CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion + Vibration...
5,843 Reviews
PADO CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion + Vibration...
  • POWERFUL CORDLESS + RECHARGEABLE: Powerful cordless percussion massager. High speed percussion motor up to 3,700 RPM. Facial micro-vibration motor on handle side operating up to 10,000 RPM. Variable speed dial to adjust intensity of percussion or vibration.
  • BENEFITS: Repetitive acute percussion therapy relieves muscle tension, knots, spasms, aches and pains. Release trigger points, increase blood flow, gain greater range of motion. Great for use on areas such as neck, back, legs and feet. Five uniquely designed percussion attachments. Plus bonus Micro-Vibration attachment.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT EASY REACH DESIGN: Easy to hold extra long handle for hard to reach areas. Slim innovative design. Easy to use for self massage or with a partner. Approximate weight & dimensions 1.75 lb., 16.5” L x 2.75” W x 3.5” H.
  • INNOVATIVE SLIM DESIGN: Cordless to fit your lifestyle. Great for on-the-go or simply relaxing. Incorporate the Pado into your pre & post workout routines. Powerful enough for professionals but designed for at home therapy and muscle recovery.

Are you looking for a handheld massager that certainly takes care of your muscles and nerves when you really dying to take massage for your tiring, tensed, and stressed body? It’s true, after a daylong hectic schedule at your working place, facing all kind of tensions and workload it is natural for your mind and body to give up at the end of the day. When you back home, you expect something or someone to rub your body and you can revive your lost energy once again. At this stage time, you only can trust upon Pure-Wave Cordless massager Body + Facial a device that surely going to provide you the most desired massage at your own will. Come and let’s see the Pure Wave Body Massager Review to know what this device offers you.

The Features that You may Notice

This device has a lot of better things that certainly catch your eyes and give you the benefits of massage at the various parts of your body to get relief from muscle pain, tension, knots spasms etc. Not only that, this device has a special feature that is the highlight of it. It also works as a facial massager to give you the freshness on your face after working for the whole day. Now it’s time to see the features of this device.

Attractive and Effective Design

This lightweight, the cordless slim shaped device looks attractive enough to draw your attention. Apart from that, this design gives you the effective massage that helps you to reduce stress, muscle tensions etc. The extra long handle is designed for easy to grip and hard to reach areas of your body.

Powerful Motor for Different Modes

This massager is operated by a powerful motor to provide you two type of massage. If you want deep tissue massage as it is used as a percussion massager with 3700 RMP speed and you’ll get relief from knots, pains and quick muscle recovery. Apart from that, there is micro vibration massager to get facial massage with 10,000 RMP vibration for tightens muscles, re vitalized face muscles, reduce headache and jaw pain.

Intensity Level for Your Selection

This handheld massager is equipped with a Variable Power Controller to adjust the intensity level as if you need deep tissue massage or soft soothing massage.

Attachments for Additional Massage

There are six massage headers for different types of massage to the different parts of your body. From deep tissue massage for remove knots, reduce pains and release stress to soothing and soft massage for provide you freshness and rejuvenate your mood etc.

Air Cushion Massager for More

The air-cushion massager equipped with this handheld massager with three different sticks allows you to get massage at any part of your body. In this way you will certainly get relaxed body and mind and fit again to start enjoying the company of your family and friends and share some light moments with full of energy.

Now it is time to follow the Pure Wave Body Massager Review again to see the good and not so good things about this product.


  • check
    This is a device to provide massages with different intensity.
  • check
    Long lasting battery to allow 180 minutes of nonstop massage.
  • check
    The cordless device can be used in any part of your body.
  • check
    Facial massage is one of the main highlights of this device.


  • The percussion massager seems a little aggressive for the new users. So they are advised to start with lower intensity level for few days.

Daiwa Felicity Electric handheld full body dual...
403 Reviews
Daiwa Felicity Electric handheld full body dual...
  • Ideal for use on the neck, waist, legs, shoulders, arms, hips, or knees
  • Powerful, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Curved, elongated handle is ergonomically designed to massage hard-to-reach spots
  • Dual-speed control switch allows you to choose between a relaxing or invigorating massage
  • 3 pairs of interchangeable massage heads let you personalize your massage

Whenever you buy anything for yourself, you always try to find the best. The handheld massager is an essential part of your life nowadays. Because of your tight and highly competitive working schedule, it is almost impossible for you to be fresh and fit always. Most of the times you have to walk or stand for the whole day, even you are made sit at a stretch for a long. As a result, headache, body ache, muscles pain, tensions, stress, and fatigue all the bad things happen to you at the end of the day. Then you need to take help of a massager especially a handheld massager which gives you the most important relief from all this to make you feel better, even after a long hard day. There are so many different kinds of handheld massagers available in the marketplace. It is not easy to select the best among them. Therefore, keeping your requirement in mind I am glad to present a handheld massager named Jaclean Felicity Dual Tapper Electric Handheld Percussion Massager for your service.

Features Jaclean Felicity Dual Tapper Electric Massager Machine

This product has some excellent features that surely draw your interest towards it. Because features are the matter which is followed most by you while purchasing a product. Let’s explore it.

The Purposeful Design

This handheld massage model is well designed not only to look better but also to meet the purpose of its use. The wide head is made to cover a large area of your body at one go to save your valuable time. Besides that, the long and special curved designed handle helps the model to reach the desired areas of your body to get massage properly.

Speed Controller for Different Massage

This model is equipped with a speed controller which gives you two types of speed of the massaging heads. One is for deep tissue massage for reducing pains stiffness, muscles tensions which are little aggressive and the other is for relaxing and refreshing from stress and fatigue.

The Changeable Massage Heads

This handheld massager has three pairs of massage heads which can be changed instantly to customize the massage for you to give you the best experience Be it rigorous massage to get relief from all sorts of deep muscle trouble or the soothing massage for your relaxation and the refreshment that you need badly after a hard working day.

Powerful Beating Mode

This model has a unique feature to consider. It has a strong pulsating mode that creates a beating action of the dual heads help to get the release from the muscle tensions and knots without being put pressure on to the affected areas of your body. It has dual functions- off, low and high so that you can take the massage as you need.


  • check
    The interchangeable massage heads for individual and invigorating massage.
  • check
    The beating actions with pulsations for quick release of knots and muscle tensions.
  • check
    The curved handle allows the model to massage at the hard to reach areas.


  • The pressure is not sturdy enough for a deep massage.

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager...
41,501 Reviews
RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager...
  • Our deep tissue massager for back, muscle, and legs
  • Powerful motor and safety design: great motor with powerful up to 3600 times per minute, after using 20 minutes, it will automatically stopped to prevent the massager from over heating
  • Portable and flexibility, hand held and cordless design, you can bring it to home, office and anywhere, 5 interchangeable head attachments, depending on your preference
  • Cordless and rechargeable, our body massager built-in rechargeable battery can last for approximately a total of 140 minutes on a full charge, for safety, it can't use while charging
  • The handheld massager is suitable for men, women, parents, and friends

You have no right to spoil the party!! It’s true that you are the earner of bread and butter of your family. We agree that you have to work hard throughout the day. But it doesn’t mean that you come back home taking all the luggage of stress, tiredness, and tensions along with you. When we ask you to join us the party you always give us one excuse that you have no energy left for all that. How this can be happened days in and days out? This blame is commonly done by the other in most of the families all around. But what you’ll do. The overload of works, a troll from one point to another and moreover, all the tensions of competition take a toll on your body and mind as well. At this point in time, a proper massage is probably the best option to revive your lost energy. Then you need none other than a good handheld massager and in that case, RENPHO Rechargeable Handheld Deep Tissue Massager must be the right selection for you. Let’s go through one of the Best Deep Tissue Massager Review to see what it gives you.

Whenever you buy something you always look at the feature of the product. Because, you may get a clear idea about the products function, utility, and other important things. It will help you to get the benefits of having this device. Let’s see them.

 The Perfect Design

This handheld massager is made of high-quality ABS plastic and it is equipped with a powerful motor and long lasting Li-ion battery to give you stronger massage in one hand that help you to provide the deep tissue massage which allows you to be relieved from knots, muscles tensions, including soothing massage for reducing stress and pains from neck, back, feet, shoulders, legs, etc. The longer handle allows your model to reach everywhere of your body for massaging.

The Powerful Motor

This model has a powerful motor which rotates 3600 RPM to get deep tissue massage which helps relieve pain in no time. This percussion massage may be little aggressive to some new users but later on, they can match with it in short time. One more thing to say, to prevent the massager from overheating the motor will stop after 20 minutes of using.

Some Great Attachments

This model has five interchangeable attached massage heads to provide you the different experience of massage. The hard plastic made round ball head is used for deep tissue massage. The rubber coated three-point heads are used as softer massage for lesser pain. The hard plastic made curved head can be applied to arms and legs for pain relief. Finally, the point head is better for acupuncture points of the different parts of your body.

Rechargeable and Portable Model

This model comes along built-in rechargeable battery which allows you to take the model anywhere. Besides that, the battery is capable to run the model for 120 minutes nonstop. And this compact and portable model is capable to reach at any part of your body from head to feet.

The Best Deep Tissue Massager Review shows the benefits and one little problem with this unit.


  • check
    The auto-stop facility helps the model to be safe from overheating.
  • check
    The cordless model can be taken anywhere you need.
  • check
    With On/Off button and ‘+’ or ‘- ‘button, it is very easy to use.


  • The percussion massage may be little aggressive to some of the new user.

Brookstone Max 2 Cordless Dual-Node Percussion...
135 Reviews
Brookstone Max 2 Cordless Dual-Node Percussion...
  • Cordless design powered by a rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery that delivers a powerful massage without fading
  • Unlimited reach helps you to soothe sore muscles at any angle. The 5-speed motor provides an impressive 1,750 to 2,550 RMS of intense body-relaxing massaging power
  • Lightweight and durable machined-aluminum body with two ergonomic handles lets you glide the massager over the body and decide how much pressure to apply to tight muscles
  • Then customize your massage with 5 speed intensities and enjoy as the massager works its magic, AC adapter included for corded use, 20-minute auto off

Suppose you are told to attend a family gets together or a friend’s party after a hard working day at your working place. Possibly it will not be very much amusing to you. When you are coming back home with your tired body and mind, most of the parts of your body are having pain, your muscles are tensed and stressed nerves, all are giving up to follow you. In this situation, nothing good can excite you too much. The only thing that your body and mind expect, is a massager which gives you the relief from all sorts of problems that occur here and provides you the energy and mood what you need to make yourself fit again to join the party. A handheld massager is possibly the best option what you like to have. And Brookston Dual Node Percussion Massager is the device that surely the right choice for you. Come let the search party on to have a look what is inside of it to catch your eyes.

The Exciting Features to Follow

This Brookstone Dual Node Percussion Massager is a device that has a lot of exciting features what you have been looking for in one product. It is an ideal handheld massager that make could you satisfy by giving all kinds of massage you like to have. Let’s feel it.

Well Designed Device

This lightweight durable aluminum made massager is well designed to move freely anywhere on your body to give you the maximum result by reducing all kind of pain at your muscles, joints at any parts of your body. The special designed dual handle allow the device to roll over your body at your selected pressure to give you anything from deep tissue massage to soothing massage and also improves your blood circulation to give you the most expecting refreshment you need badly.

A Powerful and Easy to Control Motor

This device has 5-speed motor to provide you the 1750-2550 RMS intense massage to relax your body. Now you can get anything from deep tissue percussion massage to micro-vibration massage. The speed controller helps you to get 5 different intensity levels of speed and also 3 massage programmers to enjoy the magic of massage. Moreover, the 20 minutes auto-stop system prevents the device from overheating.

Cordless Facility and Durable Battery

This cordless device is easily reachable to any point of your body to give you the necessary relief from muscle tension and stiffness as well. You can use this with cord also. Besides that, the battery of this device is another important thing to say. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery is extra durable which last longer than your expectation.

Massaging Heads

The massaging heads or nodes use to move up and down automatically. This helps you to have different types of massage from deep tissue massage to release stress and tension from tight muscles and also give you relief from soreness. These nodes move side to side and up to down to provide you the real percussion massage. All these increase the flexibility of your muscles and also give you a chance to have a deep sleep.


  • check
    Dual handle for easy control.
  • check
    Cordless for easy operating.
  • check
    Long lasting battery.


  • Big size not easy to carry.
  • ban
    Percussion massage is little hard to bear for new users.

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager - Handheld...
11,989 Reviews
Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager - Handheld...
  • Purchase Now – Enjoy all the benefits this handheld variable percussive body massager has to offer; Enjoy the restorative power of deep tissue massage in your home & without the pricey spa appointments
  • Variable Intensity – Features a variable speed dial for gentle to intense massage; Reduces pain & fatigue from joints, sports injuries, arthritis, muscle knots, stress, & improves flexibility
  • 4 Unique Attachment Heads – Flat disc for extra wide coverage, 4-finger flex to replicate fingers from a massage, acupoint head for pin-point relief of tension, & deep muscle ball to relax the body; Attachments reduce pain & fatigue from joints, injury, muscle knots, & stress
  • User Friendly – Sleek, long handle for all-over muscle comfort for the back, neck, shoulder, legs, hands, feet, full-body, cellulite, & more; Professional quality & therapeutic to release pressure points, promote circulation, reduce inflammation, muscle soreness, stiffness, chronic pain, & fibromyalgia
  • Long 9 feet power cable – Increased length gives you greater flexibility during usage; Treat yourself to a post work out massage or after a stressful day at work; Batteries Required: No

Human life is the greatest combination of mind and body. All our physical activities depend upon the mental state. Sometimes A good bonding between these two gives you the ability to do something wonderful job in your respective working fields. But some other times these two become different individuals. Then if you wish to do something your body doesn’t allow you, or if you need to do something creative your mind doesn’t support you. Most of the time over workload, job tensions, high pressure situation, and all these things are the reason behind. At this stage of life all you need a good massage to get relief from stress, muscle pain, stiffness, muscle tension, stress, fatigue etc. If you have Wahl 4290-00 Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager a handheld massager hen you have no need to worry about your health issue. Now you have to know the features of this product to see if it is useful enough for you or not.

Features That Excite You

The features make the difference. The exiting features of this handheld massager are surely going to draw your attention towards it. If you don’t believe then have a look.

The Attractive and Specific Design

This simple looking model with the wide flat disc is made to cover large areas of your body. It means it will take short time to cover a large area of your back and legs. This aluminum made the device as a well-designed handle for easy grip which helps you to roll the massager at any angle of your body.

A Motor with Different Power Control

This handheld massager model has a powerful motor which can produce up to 3,350 pulses per minutes. So you can expect an aggressive massage when you’ve need of that. Again you can slow down the pulses for a soothing massage.

The Various Intensity Levels

This handheld massager is equipped with speed controller which can adjust the speed of the model and the intensity level to allow you to customize the massage whenever you want.

Attachments that Varies The Massage

This handheld massager comes with 4 attachment heads. Each of them is specially designed individual task. This allows you to get the benefits of different types of massage as per your need. The Four Finger Flex Attachment especially designed to feel you the touch of a professional masseuse. It provides you the soothing massage on every part of your body. The Deep Muscle Massage Attachment to stimulate your muscles, boost the blood circulation and improve the muscle flexibility for your tired muscle. This is the reason behind for considering this machine as a best tissue massage machine. The narrow tip of The Acupoint Massage Head targets the specific points in your muscles to break up knots and provide deep tissue massage. All the attachments are very good for the soles of your feet. Apart from that, these attachments are easy to change. It means you can easily use the different attachments for each kind of massage without taking too much time for adjustment.

Longer Power Cord

This model has 8 feet longer power cord that will allow you to use the massager easily and you can move form to another form of massage without facing too much trouble.


  • check
    This model has good massaging attachments.
  • check
    Well, balanced design to move the model anywhere on the body easily.


  • The handheld massager can be loud and strong. You need to adjust the intensity in lower setting. If that doesn’t work use the massager directly on the T-Shirt or sweater.

HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat |...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: This Handheld Heated Massager is lightweight and portable. Bring it with you to work, on the train, plane and in the car. It weighs less than 2.5 lbs, so it won’t add much weight to your suitcase. Its ergonomic rubber handle allows easy handling and gripping. The interchangeable massage heads are small and lightweight as well. Bring this therapeutic tool when you travel to give yourself a stimulating, relaxing massage wherever you are
  • SOOTHING HEAT FEATURE: This deep kneading handheld massager has an optional heating feature. The use of heat helps to penetrate tired muscles making your massage even more soothing and relaxing. Deep kneading nodes mimic the movements of a massage therapist to help loosen knots and relieve pain. NOTE: The heat function works best when the attachments are removed and the red heat nodes are exposed
  • DUAL PIVOTING MASSAGE HEADS: The dual pivoting massage heads operate at up to 3100 pulses per minute. Enjoy the four different speed settings allowing you to enjoy a gentle, relaxing massage or a more vigorous, deep tissue massage. The easy-to-use buttons are located on the top of the massager. Switch the interchangeable massage nodes for a softer, or firmer massage. The percussion nodes move up and down, delivering an intense professional massage experience
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Simply press the POWER button located on the top of the handle. To increase the intensity of the massage, continue to press the POWER button until the desired intensity is reached. To turn the unit off, press the POWER button past the highest intensity setting. To activate the heat function, press the HEAT button located above the intensity bars on the top of the handle. To cancel the heat function, press the HEAT button a second time
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: One HoMedics Percussion Massager with Heat. Two sets of interchangeable massage nodes. One wall outlet adapter. One 30-day money back guarantee. Two-year limited warranty

Who doesn’t want to be relaxed after a hardworking schedule throughout the day? It is the time when your body and mind simply give up being active anymore. Some specific parts of your body are suffering from pain. Muscle tension, knots, neck and shoulders pain, stiffness and joint pains these are the common problems that will sap your energy and make you feel tired for the rest of the day. At this situation, massage is one of the best ways to get relaxed and refreshed once again. That is the reason why a handheld massager is an outstanding product for relieving pains and pressure. Among a lot of handheld massager available in the marketplace, the Homedics HHP-350B Percussion Action Massager is considered a perfect device with the combination of both perfect design and excellent function. To prove it let’s pay attention to the features of this device.

The Attractive and Effective Design

This smart tool comes with the sleek and nice design to make attractive for the consumers. It weighs 2.5 pounds only to make it portable to carry anywhere. Besides that, its dual pivoting heads and the specifically designed handle gives you the much-needed relaxation and also provides you massage to hard reaching areas.

Multi-Function Device

This is a multi-function device that can work anywhere of your body to help you to break knots, and also some other problems with your neck, arms, shoulders, feet, and muscles etc.

A Motor with Speed Control

This device is equipped with a powerful motor that can produce up to 3,100 pulses per minutes to give you from deep tissue massage for removing knots to soothing massage to boost up your energy and relieves from tensions. That’s why this device is considered as the best electric back massager. 

Percussion Massage in Different Levels

One of the main features of this device is the effective percussion massage. The dual pivoting heads of this device creates a significant comfort at all the pressure spots. Though the deep tissue massage may not be powerful enough for some users it is much effective in soothing massage to make you feel relax.

Variable Intensity Levels

You can get the speed of massage in different intensity level which allows you to select the options that can be fit for your requirements. There are three massaging programs including soft, gentle and firm for you to choose the level which suits you.

The Soothing Heat

The soothing heat option will promote your massage from better to best quality. This soothing heat melts away your tension and make feel relaxed and refreshed once again to have a better sleep or enjoy free time with your family and friends.

Auto Shut- Down Function

One more impressive feature this device has and that is auto shut-down mode. This device has a special quality to shut-down automatically per 15 minutes to avoid overheating.


  • check
    Dual pivoting heads allows the proper work.
  • check
    Well built design.
  • check
    Easy to use.
  • check
    Variable speed control.


  • This device does not provide enough power for deep tissue massage.

Thumper Sport Percussive Massager - Deep Tissue...
1,128 Reviews
Thumper Sport Percussive Massager - Deep Tissue...
  • FULL BODY MASSAGE - Ideal for warming up muscles, increasing blood flow, releasing muscle tension, and helping joint mobility. Long handle helps to reach back, legs, thighs, arms, feet, and shoulders. The 12ft (4m) cord allows you to be in a comfortable position and maneuver with ease.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE SPHERES – You will have separate spheres that allow you to customize the strength of your massage experience. Included in the package is one set of grey (soft) and black (firm) spheres.
  • VERY QUIET AND COMFORTABLE TO USE - Virtually no kickback to the hands and arms so you can massage for longer without the pain or discomfort. Very quiet for a peaceful and pleasant massage therapy experience. Relieves stress, muscle fatigue, and reduces pain.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, POWERFUL & DURABLE – Variable speed control from 20 to 40 pulses per second. Manufactured in Canada with quality components and weighs only 3lbs (1.4kg). The 12ft (4m) cord allows you to be in a comfortable position and maneuver with ease. Carry case sold separately for travel, portability, or storage.
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY - Each Thumper Massager comes with a 2-year warranty and is hand-manufactured in Canada!

A day-long hardworking schedule may be providing you the resources of your living. Whatever you have earned so far in exchange for physical and mental labor takes a toll on your body and mind. The housewives also suffer from the same situation at the end of the day. Muscle pain, stiffness, knots, neck, back, and shoulder pain all these are the common problems seen among us.  At this point in time, when even a smile is tough to draw on your face if you are asked for any kind of celebration, imagine what you would feel. The only thing that could give you some relief from all these is a good massage. Possibly a handheld massage is a very good idea at this condition. And if think to have an ideal handheld massager that can give you the healing touch by reducing and releasing all the pains and tensions then you have to go for Thumper Sports Percussive Massager, the Best Deep Tissue Massager Machine.

Features are the main key that you consider whenever you buy something for your home or working places. You can get a clear conception of the functions of the units through its features. Let’s go through it.

The First Impression- Design

The design is the thing that makes the first impression upon a buyer’s mind about the product. Considering this factor, Thumper Sports is the product that may catch your eyes and make you more interested in this device. This device is well- designed with advanced technology to make this device better than most of the other device. The handle of this device is well made, long enough to reach every muscle and easy to grip while massaging is on.  Besides that, this device weighs only 3 pounds, which means it is easy to carry around.

The Variable Speed

This device is equipped with a speed controller that helps to run the massaging head or the rollers from 20-40 pulses per second. It surely matches your muscles natural healing therapy. Once you set your speed this device will maintain it steadily, even you put extra load on it the speed will remain the same.

Patented Drive System Technology

This handheld massager patented by drive system technology which transmits the energy generated by the device deep into the muscle tissues to provide you the percussive massage which helps to break up the knots quickly and instantly soothes the muscles of that point and normalizes the blood circulation only to release tensions.

Tapping Massage Action

This handheld massager provides you a unique tapping massage action to give you the relaxing massage anywhere including your legs the place which produces much lactic acid due to overworking or activities. As a result, you will get quick and effective relief.


  • check
    This device is highly recommended for athletes as it provides deep massage for quick pain relief.
  • check
    The long handle is easy to reach all the spots on the backs shoulders and legs.
  • check
    Special ability to soothe muscles of the different parts of the body.


  • It is one of the heavier than most of the other devices.
  • ban
    Not quite so versatile like many others.

Way to Get Relieves by Best Electric Back Massager

Massage Parlour or Spa is a time taking and costly affair. Most of the time you’re not ready to have this. Therefore, you need an alternative which really provides you the massage the way a professional does. There are different types of massager available in the market which works on the different parts of our body. But today I am going to tell you about a unique massager that can work almost every part of your body and most importantly you can operate this taking in your hand. This device is called Handheld Massager.

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What is A Best Handheld Massager?

hand held massager is a device that can act as an expert and professional massager that give you the soothing relief from muscle pains in any part of your body. It also helps to remove the knots to help you to get relief from muscle tension all over the body. Moreover, it helps you to release from anxiety, headache. Especially those who are involved in different types of sporting activities are really benefited by using this device. This hand operated device is specially designed for home use and it can reach the desired points of your body and get the necessary soothing relief. All you need to do is plug the device and put pressure on the right spots where you are feeling the pain. So, you’ll no need to go to a spa or salon for taking massage if you have a handheld massager at your home.

Features of Best Deep Tissue Massager Machine

If you go buy a handheld massager for your own it will be not an easy job as there are a lot of brands which may make you confused to select the best of your choice. Therefore, you have to know the features of a device that will serve you the better. It means you have to find out the qualities of a device that would really fulfill your needs for what you want to buy a handheld massager.

Massage Delivery Method (Percussive Technology)

If you need some deep penetrating massage that goes to your muscles tissue then the percussive method is the best option for you. It provides relieves from muscle soreness, strains, and knotted muscles. This is mainly for those people who are looking for the kneading types of massage what they get from a professional massager. But to some people, it seems too aggressive.

Massage Delivery Method (Vibrating Technology)

Vibrating massage is one of the most favourite ways for years. Because it covers a large area of your body and also it is very smooth and soothing type of massage than the percussion type massage. The main advantage of this massage that will relax you so much that will help you to sleep. Besides that, it works gently at the point of your body during repeated therapy that the point quickly recovers without remaining any kind of soreness.

The Extra Attachments

The extra attachments mean the alternate headpieces that come inside the box. These help you to customize the massage for you. As a result, you will get an efficient and comfortable massaging experience at your home without taking service of a therapist or going to a spa. Most of the devices have more than 6 attachments. You only need to check it out whether the device has point out to buy has the attachments that you will need.

The Specific Designed Handle

The handle of this device is specifically designed to make the massagers easier to use.  Moreover, the device is designed such in a way that the massage will be helpful and effective at any part of your body.

Power Supply

There are some massagers available in the market that runs on rechargeable battery. It means, if the power resources are not available it can be used. But one big problem is that you have to keep changing the battery once its power is over. But if you select the rechargeable massager, you have no need to invest further and it is convenient to use and maintain also.

Power Capacity of A Best Deep Tissue Massager Machine

When you consider the power capacity of the device, you can see that there are two types of massagers. The first one is powerful or deeper and intense massage to reduce pain and to cover the larger area of tissue. But if you want a soft and soothing massage then you may go for a device with less power.

The Versatility

Versatility is one of the best features of any kind of product. Whenever you go to buy a best hand massager you always try to keep in your mind that the product should be versatile in design and also in use. There are some high-quality massagers that can be applied anywhere at your body and it provides effective massage across all parts of your body not only on a specific body part.

Heating Options

There are several massagers with different heating options. Among them, the best is infrared heating devices. Because here the heat goes through the deep into the muscles to provide the soothing and relaxing effect. Massagers with the heating feature are equipped with thermostatic sensors to prevent the device from overheating.

Adjustable Speed of a Tissue Massager Machine

One of the most important features of a handheld massager is its adjustable speed. Changing speed will allow you to customize your massage setting. If you are in a mood for relaxing you can set the device at the lowest speed and if you want to have the deep massage you have to set your device at higher speed.

Size of The Best Percussive Massager

Certainly, you will select a best handheld back massager that you can take anywhere with you. Moreover the models you will prefer that can reach all areas of your back without making you bend too much. Therefore, the size is a big question to consider when you are going to buy one for you.


Portability depends upon the presence or absence of the power cord and also the length of the power cord. The cordless units are the portable devices that can be used anywhere you like even while you are working. Some deep tissue massager machine come with long power cords to allow you to move around the power outlet. But there are some devices with small power cords are really inconvenient as you have to stay near the power outlet.

Health-Related Benefits of Handheld Massager

The handheld back massager is mainly used to get multiple health benefits which trouble you for a long period. Especially when you come back home after a long day hard work tired and stressed when you are dying to get some relaxation via massage certainly this device comes for your rescue. Besides that, several muscular ailments that make you even cry in pain and medicines are not always a good reply for that. At this situation, the handheld massager is always there to give you the necessary relieves. Now it’s time to take a look the benefits what this device can provide you.

Muscle Pain Gone

Due to excessive workload or some health issues, there is blood blockage in different parts of your body. As a result, you have to suffer from muscle pain at the different point of your body. The handheld massager is the only way to the solution. Very effectively it improves your local blood circulation and gives your necessary relaxation to relief from pain.

Fast Relief from Headache

One big problem that comes all in sudden and affects you badly is a headache. This made you so uncomfortable that it takes the quality time of your life for that time. The medicines always don’t give you the desired result and it also has few side effects that can harm you. If you own a best hand massager you’re going to get fast relief from this problem.

Relaxation On

At a certain point in time, everybody wants to be relaxed. Relaxation means, not only a relaxed body but your mind also. A handheld massager can provide you the most desired relaxation by reducing your stress levels.

Reduce Lower Back Pain

If you are suffering from lower back pain and want to avoid medicines for its side affects then you can take a support of any handheld massager.  Because, it helps to stimulate the local blood circulation, so the muscles around your spine get more oxygen and other useful nutrients. Besides that, it will increase the elasticity and the flexibility of your muscles to give you a better feeling.

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Relief from Exertion Soreness

Exertion soreness is a problem that appears when you start exercising or change your training schedule. This type of pain sustains for a longer period and you have to suffer a lot.  A handheld massager along with heat stimulates muscles and helps you to come out of the problems.

Improve Local Blood Circulation

A handheld massager helps you get relief from aching muscles, painful joints by activating your muscles and stimulating local blood circulation. Research revealed those who are suffering from the impaired vascular function may get significant benefits especially improved blood circulation through regular massage. Even an injured person who underwent massage can feel the improvement of blood circulation at the site of the injury.

Healing Touch for The Surgery Patients

The patients who underwent several surgeries like a reconstructed leg, cyst, tumor removal or so on must face the postoperative pain which sometimes becomes prolonged to put you deep trouble. Research revealed that no medicines can provide you the permanent heal in this case. It is the only massage that can alleviate pain and let you free from discomfort.

Better Sleep

A handheld massager works to reduce your stress level what you’ve achieved from your working commitments and some other personal tensions of your life. So that you can sleep better for having soothing and calm muscles and nerves.

Good Looking Skin

This is a very good news for those who are really very conscious about their skin, especially who are working in the glamour world. A handheld massager stimulates the blood circulation under your skin and your skin looks better.

Some Other Important Benefits

Apart from the health issues, there are some other benefits too for having a handheld massager which is certainly helpful for you. They are-

Helping Each Other

A handheld massager is not for your personal use only. In many occasions in past, you had to give hand massage to your near and dear ones when he or she was in need. But it is not possible for everybody to give massage for a long time and in a proper way. That can be done by a professional massager only. But if you have a handheld massager you can massage the person effortlessly to sooth his or her aches and pains for a much longer time. You can also ask him the same favour in return. In this way, a great bonding will be build up between both of you.

Saving Money

A well- featured handheld massager is available in the market somewhere between $25-$100. But if you go to a spa for taking massage it will take more than that. Besides it is a one- time investment where you need a very little sum of amount to maintain this device for a long run.

Hope, you’ve a transparent view what a handheld massager would be. You’re being informed all the features and the benefits what should be in a handheld massager to provide you the best service of massage. So, it’s time to follow this handheld massager reviews and help you to select the right one for yourself and your family as well.

Finally, I have come to a point from where I can say that I have tried to describe you so far from the best of my sense about all the features and benefits of handheld massagers. I have also given you the relevant information about some of the best handheld deep tissue massagers available in the marketplace.

Now, it up to you. If you’re really want to have a handheld massager for your family, which is like to appoint a professional masseuse for any time and that is also in an affordable price then you may select anyone from here. I make you assure for not be deprived and you are surely going to get the best result.

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