[Top 10 Reviews] Best Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat 2021

10 Best Neck and Shoulder Massagers Reviews and Buying Guide

In this fast moving life, you always want to be ahead of time and ahead of others as well. The competitive working field takes a toll on your body and mind. Profit and loss these two have become the keywords of your life. Every time you are surrounded by tensions of various professional and personal issues. All these things sap your energy. As a result, at the end of the day, you have to carry your tired, stressed body and mind back home. Here you have nothing left for you to share some light moments with your family. So you cannot wait for too long to go to bed, but here also you fail to have a fast sleep.

Comparison Table of Neck and Shoulder Massager

Sl. No.



Our Rating



Naipo Shiatsu 3D rotating Back And Neck Massager With Heat


Brookstone Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat, 4.4 Pound


Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager With Heat


Medcursor Shiatsu Kneading Corded Massager With Heat


FIVE S Shiatsu Neck And Back Massager With Heat


Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat


Shiatsu Back Neck And Shoulder Massager

GESS GESS129 Shiatsu Kneading Massager Pillo With Heat Massage Cusion

GESS GESS129 Shiatsu Kneading Massager Pillo with Heat Massage Cusion


Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat


Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager Deep Kneading Massage

All these things cannot be happened days after days. Gradually, you become sick and a mental blockage stops your imaginative skills and you cannot take right decisions at the right time. Thus, your personal and professional relations have a bad effect. In this hindsight, you easily can imagine how the “Rush Hours” put a “Deep Impact” on the different parts of your body. Especially on our NECK.

Neck- The Prime Sufferer

The neck is the one part of your body which takes the burden throughout the day. Like, an extended period of working in front of a desk or computer, standing for a long time or working without a break may neck muscles soreness or stiffness.  Even when you’re sleeping it does not get rest. Your posture of sleep put more pressure on it. As a result, when you wake up in the next morning, you have to suffer from the extremely painful sore neck. You have to struggle throughout the day and unfortunately, no medicines or ointments can give you the relief which you badly need at that time.

Massage-The Way of Relief

Then what is to be done? In my point of view, a massage is the only way to get relief from this agony and neck massage is probably the best among the bests.

Neck massage is commonly done with putting pressure on the entire the neck area applying your fingers, hands, forearms. But all these manual therapies are the source of great relief for the discomfort you may feel, should be done very carefully. One extra load can damage your neck. To avoid the risk you may call upon the expert who is really meant for this job. The device called Neck Massager is the expert what you’re looking for.

What is Neck Massager?

A neck massager is an improved device for the therapeutic treatment of your neck, shoulders, and back. This is specially designed power controlled smaller device helps you to get rid of neck pain and stress that is caused by the life you lead and your bad sleeping posture. The neck shoulder massager provides you the necessary relaxation both physically and mentally in your home without going to spa or salon.

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The Benefits of Best Heated Neck and Shoulder Massager

A best heated neck and shoulder massager have a lot to offer. If you buy this device, you’ll see that it values every penny what you have spent for it. It works exactly what a professional therapist provides you. It means you can save a lot of money when you buy this. Besides that, there are some other benefits too.

Once in Life Investment

If any product what you’ve bought provides you a long time service, you should consider yourself greatly benefitted. Most of the neck massagers are available at a low cost but works a lot for a long run. It is not going to damage easily unless you mishandle this device. At this point of view, it can be easily said that this device is a one- time investment that only demands to replace batteries or recharge from time to time.

Work and Therapy at the Same Time

In today’s busy life you have less time to go to a spa or take massage from a professional therapist to get relief from neck pain or stress. So, all that you need a device that works while you’re engaged in your work. Exactly that is what a neck massager does. This small sized, light weighted, easy to carry device can go anywhere with you and provides a complete relief from stress and pain at the same time when you’re driving or working on your desk.

Feel the Same What An Expert Provides

In every field, there are experts who provide you the right services. Same thing you can say about neck massage. The professional therapists or the masseuse are there to give you the experience of best massage. But now the scenario has changed, if you have an advanced neck massager device at your home then you can get the similar experience of the professional massage.

Revives More Energies

Energy is one and the only thing that we all need to do any kind of work. But due to your hectic schedule of work your energy level starts to get down rapidly. We need to do something for that. In my opinion, neck massage is one of the best ways to get back the energies through reducing the neck muscle tension, what you have lost during your day-long battle at your working field through reducing the neck muscle tension. In this way, we not only get the much-needed neck pain relief but also improvement of total health is surely the ice on the cake.

The Health Issues Taken Care by Neck Massager

The old days are gone. The conventional treatments by taking medicines or applying tropical ointments are not the only way to get rid of various neck or back pains. Now you can trust on different kinds of neck massagers to get relief from different types of ailments related to your neck.  Here, some of them are discussed.

Flexibility On, Stiffness Gone

The other name of fitness is flexible and healthy limbs. But due to our busy lifestyle and wrong sleeping posture, we often achieve sore neck or muscle stiffness. It is very painful and most of the time medicines and ointments fail to work. In that situation, a neck and shoulder massager with heat is definitely going to eliminate these problems.

Improves Circulation

CSF (Cerebro Spinal Fluid) is the main reason for the functions of the brain. This fluid helps to supply oxygen and glucose to the whole body. Due to stiffness of your muscles the circulation system hampers which may cause a tiredness headache, loss of memory etc. The neck massager with kneading balls eliminates the stiffness of the neck muscles by applying pressure on the neck and in this way circulation of your body improves.

Muscles Go For Rapid Recovery

Suppose you have already occurred neck pain and you’re taking medicines or applying ointments. But that could be not enough. Only a neck massager can generate heat and transmit to the muscles only for rapid recovery.

Have A Nice Sleep

A deep sleep is the most important thing for a healthy living. Most of the time you cannot have a good sleep due to stress what you have earned from your lifestyle. In that case, neck massagers are the ideal option to reduce stress. It surely allows you to have a good sleep and a fresh start to the day.

Boost up Mental Abilities

Besides, relief from muscle tensions, pain and stress, there has one more health related issue that is surely going to improve through neck massagers. That is the development of mental strength and focus. As soon as your neck massage session is over you’ll definitely feel tremendous mental agility and ready to take on any kind of mental challenge once again?


Meditation is not a simple thing that you cannot have in any condition. It is a mental state that takes you away from yourself. In this state of mind, you can find yourself in a purest, imaginative and aromatic surrounding. A neck massager can almost provide you almost the same feeling while doing the massage session. Isn’t it quite unexpected benefit?

Some Other Important Ailments

Besides that, arthritis, disc problems, migraine is some important ailments that can be cured by neck massager. Moreover, neck massager is not a device that you only can use at your neck. Even you can treat back, waist, thigh, arm, feet, leg etc with the help of it. 

Various Types of Massage Therapy

If you want to get the best result through massage then you have to follow the real massage therapy. For that reason, most of the manufacturers made their neck massagers following these therapies. Here are some of them selected for discussion.


Vibration is an effective way of loosening your tired and sore muscles in no time. Massage therapists highly prefer vibrations on the neck, back and shoulder for 5-10 minutes session by handheld device to get the best result.


This is a way of massage where fingers, palms are applied to put pressure on the different parts of your body. Your muscles will be stimulated and you’ll get relief from neck pain.


This is a method of massage where solenoids (a kind of wire to convert the power into motion) instigate your neck, legs, calf muscles, hamstrings and few other areas as well. This method can provide deep massage which is a better way to get relief from any kind of muscles pain.

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The Key Features What A Neck Massager Have

There are many kinds of heated neck and shoulder massager available in the market with different features. Some of them are under your budget and some are beyond. Sometimes, it’ll be hard for you to select one among them. Though cost is an important factor, it is more important for you to see what a device offers. Let’s have a look the kind of features what a neck massager should have.

The Kind of Massage

The first thing that you should look into a neck massager is the technique. There are various types of massage being followed by people from remote past. Among them, Shiatsu is one of most effective technique adopted in ancient Japan. Today there are some advanced neck massagers specially designed to follow the Shiatsu. It is a unique massage therapy to provide deeper massage applying finger pressure in the deeper part of the neck and shoulders to relieve muscle tensions of that area.

The Pressure of Massage

The pressure on your body while having massage calls the massage power. Sometimes you need little pressure and sometimes more. The cost of a neck massager depends upon how much massage power you want. Money is certainly a factor but more important is the effectiveness of the device. Especially the pillow designed neck massagers give you the extreme comfort.

Easy to Carry

For your busy schedule, it is hard to manage some extra time for a massage. So, you may like to have a device which you could carry along with you everywhere and take the massage while you’re working or driving.

Massager Weight

Massage power is not everything. There should be a proper balance between massage power and the weight of massager to get the best result of massage therapy. If you cannot hold the massager while taking massage it is not possible to get your desired result.

Different Modes

A neck massage with multifunctional use is always the welcome product. Because the neck muscle tensions always not be the same. So you need your device includes several effective modes that can help you to get rid of the pain of the specific areas. Though you have a little more for this you’ll get a fresh massage whenever you use it.


Some neck massagers also have the heating feature. It warms up the muscles of the neck areas and helps the circulation to go on smoothly. Therefore neck and shoulder massager with heat is high in demand.

So, at the end of a long discussion, now we have come to a point where you need to go to the marketplace to find out the best neck massager machine which suits your requirements and your budget as well. But it is not an easy job to select one among a lot. Because all of them have some exciting features to make you confused to take the right choice. Keeping this in mind, I am going to present you 10 Best Neck and Shoulder Massager Reviews which are available in the market and may fit your needs. Here we go –

10 Best Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat Reviews

#1 Naipo Shiatsu 3D rotating Back And Neck Massager With Heat

Naipo is not just a name but a brand which produces a number of products of your different uses. Keeping in mind of your needs, the quality and the price of the products are certainly going to make you satisfy. Among the numerous items the neck & shoulder massager has a lot to offer, And those are…….

The Design

This U-shaped device with exclusively designed nodes is not only for the neck but also perfectly OK for the different parts of the body. Besides that, it also looks good to catch your attention.

The Massage

The main reason for what you’re going to buy this massager. Believe me, this device is surely going to satisfy you the way it gives you the massage. For having 8 deep kneading massage nodes this device provides you shiatsu massage, a unique massage therapy with heat that helps you to get your muscles relaxed and soothe your body as well as your mind.

The Adjustment

You’ll get flexible straps with this device. The straps help you to put better pressure on your neck area and also adjust the device to work at hard-to-reach areas.

Auto Function

This neck massager has a 20-minute auto-off function which secures this device and in case of overheats, it also stops working automatically.

Some Other Useful Parts

  1. This neck massager is decorated with premium PU leather that makes it enough durable against wear and tear. It also helps to keep the device clean.
  2. This device is attached with Mesh Protect cloth to prevent this device from dust. The adjustable button provides three types of speeds (low, medium and high) as you prefer.
  3. Power adapter and car adapter are included to use this device anywhere even while you’re driving a car.

The Advantages

  1. This neck massager provides you an upper back massage to give you relief from muscle tensions and also helps to reduce migraine pain.
  2. Lower back pain what you have received through day-long repetitive works or sitting at the desk also be gone with the help of this device.
  3. This heat supplying massager has done a great job on your neck and back. Using Shiatsu technique nodes to provide warmth to your muscles and ligaments and in this way, it loosens your muscles too.

The Places

  1. This is an ideal massager for your home. Here you can take a massage on your neck and shoulders while lying on the bed or watching TV.
  2. Even you can take massage using this device at your office also where you seem to be enough busy in your work. At least 15 minutes of neck and shoulders massage certainly keep your mind and body fit and active for any kind of work.
  3. Moreover, while driving a car you can use the neck massager to prevent soreness and stiffness that your neck and shoulder may surer.


  • The U-designed device with kneading massage roller is perfect for using anywhere to get the best result.
  • The Shiatsu massage technique provides deep massage to get the best result.
  • 3 buttons are equipped with this device to allow you to set different types of speed at your choice.
  • Advanced heat functions to provide warmth to bones, muscles, and ligaments.


  • It is not cordless and the cord which is provided is too short to move a little far from the switchboard.
  • To some buyers, it is heavy in size.

#2 Brookstone Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat, 4.4 Pound

Here is another best Shiatsu neck massager for you. It is ready to take care of your neck, back and shoulders when you suffer in pain and tensions. Moreover, due to following daylong hectic work schedule, the three things you’re rewarded with and those are- stress, tiredness, and fatigue. Only neck massager can give you the comfort from all these and make you a free person once again. Now take a look what this brand of a device has to offer you-

The Mechanism

This device is well designed keeping in mind you need to massage the area between the center of the neck and shoulders. It’s power percussion skill strike the muscles as a hammer to provide deep tissue massage. Besides that, the device has long handles that allow you to hold easily while taking a massage. These handles are also helping you not to give extra efforts to reach the far areas of back and shoulders.

Some Important Features

  1. This product has 8 deep kneading massage nodes which provide you Shiatsu massage technique to give you an enjoyment of deep massage for your sore and tore neck and back muscles.
  2. This massager is worked by generating heat which is most helpful for your muscles to get relaxed.
  3. The hand straps help you to get a massage from neck to the lower back area without the need to rise or down your arms. Even it can go up to hard-to-reach areas easily.
  4. Single and auto reverse- these two modes allow you to control your device as per your needs. Especially when you want to repeat the action more than once.
  5. The heating feature of this device is surely preferred by you as it melts away the knots of the muscles and reduces tensions.

It seems to you little costly? Probably yes. OK, I agree. But one thing you must consider that, this device has so many advantages including Shiatsu therapy, long handles, percussion- all these things you want to have in a device and if you have to pay some extra, no matter. Keeping all these in mind all I can say that this neck and back massager is not costly but a smart buy for you.


  • Specially designed to reach remote parts of the back.
  • 8 deep kneading massage nodes with Shiatsu technique.
  • Heat massage to smooth muscles.
  • 20- Minutes auto shut-off to prevent overheating.


  • To some people the device is little costly.
  • The power applied by massage nodes are little strong.

#3 Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat

Zyllion is one of the leading brands which are really concern about your health both physical and mental. They know how stressful your working fields could be. Keeping this in mind this company has come up with some very effective and therapeutic health products which are ready to provide you relief from different health issues. Moreover, the costs of all these products are affordable for everyone. Among all these products there are some of them to give you a top quality massage for your relaxation.

The Device

Zyllion presents you Shiatsu Pillow Massager, a 3.5” ultra-slim product which gives you the wonderful feelings of Shiatsu-type massage anywhere, anytime. It is well-designed to be fitted at the small part of your neck, lower and upper back at the time when its 4 deep-kneading nodes are working there to get you relief from pains, muscle tensions, and knots. At home, office or on the way, no matter where you are; all you need, just sit back easily and allow the device to do the magic.

Now take a look at the main features of this device individually.

Massage Nodes

This device is equipped with 4 deep-kneading Shiatsu Massage nodes which rotate around the neck, shoulders to back to give you relief from pains, muscle tensions, and knots. The rotations can be set as a reverse mode which automatically changes from upside down at the time of massage sessions.

Heating Functions

Applying heat during massage soothes your tight muscles and helps you to get relaxed. In addition to, the improvement of blood circulation reduces your muscle tensions and allows you to free from stiffness. All but you need only to sit back and just press the ‘on’ button and allow the stress to be gone.

Adjustable Straps

The adjustable straps are made this device an easy-to-use. This pillow massager can works at your sofa, chair or car seat anywhere.

Leather Finish

This device has top quality of the leather cover. It makes the device durable, soft to grip and easy to clean.

Reverse Mode

This ZMA-13 device can be adjusted to automatically reverse mode in every minute for each massage session.

Risk- Free

This device is programmed with 20 minutes auto shut-off to ensure safety at the moment of overheat. Besides that, 110-120V and 220-240V power adaptor and car adaptor also included with this device.

This ZMA-13 neck and shoulder massager provides you a one year warranty. But one thing you should have to remember that, at the time of heating mode you cannot take massage bear body. It may damage your skin cell.


  • ZMA-13 neck massager is great for neck, shoulder, back, arm and thigh one by one.
  • This device is equipped with quality rollers and heater.
  • It is an extremely durable product.


  • The edges are not comfortable for a long run.
  • It is unable to cover big areas at a time.

#4 Medcursor Shiatsu Kneading Corded Massager with Heat

I am going to present you, yet another amazing neck and shoulder massager which is committed to serving you Shiatsu massage anytime, anywhere. No matter if you are at office or home otherwise driving a car. This one of the best Shiatsu neck massagers work everywhere for giving relief from muscle pain, reduce stress and improve blood circulation. Surely this is a much- needed device to all of you whose physical and mental pressure knows no bound. So let’s see what this massager can do for you.

The Device

This portable, light weighted, easy to operate device wrapped in high- quality leather comes very handy for you and you can put it on your neck, back or shoulders for hours without any problem. This Medcursor Shiatsu Corded Massager has heat function which can provide you a good sleep. Having strong rotators inside this device is ready to take responsibility of deep kneading Shiatsu massage at any part of your body you want. The massage rollers work clockwise and anti-clockwise. Its speed can be controlled from light, medium and fast for you to select.

The Design

This massager is well designed to reach the remote areas of neck and shoulders, so you have no need to bend or turn to get the massage of those areas. The handles are used to hold the device properly and this helps you to control the pressure of massage as per your requirement.

Safe and Easy to Use

The better quality adopter is equipped with this device and it has a special feature of auto shut-down when the overheating problem arises. So you’ve no need to worry all about this device for manually switch-off.

Anytime, Anywhere

Because of having a car adopter you can use this adopter while driving a car. The power adopter is applied for in-home- massage, even you can use it when you’re working at the office.

The Benefits

This massager has a lot to offer for your health reasons. It provides necessary relaxation to your sore and tired muscles what you have achieved from your daylong workload.  This device helps you to get relief from stress, muscle tension, and ailments. Not only that, it is well designed and made of such materials that it easily could go to hard to reach the area of your shoulders and back without much need you to bend or turn. Besides that, this device generates heat to provide comfort from pain and tension of muscles by producing the flow of oxygen.

Some Reminders

Although this massager is easy to use the device but there are some subjects which you should keep in mind while using this. At first, you must keep in mind that though it is a portable but not a cordless device. So you cannot move too far from the switch when power is on. For the new users, the Shiatsu-like massage may be painful. So, to handle the situation you have to place one towel between the device and your skin.


  • Provides Shiatsu –like deep kneading massage.
  • The rollers move clockwise and anti clockwise to provide best massage.
  • Handles to put pressure upon your body as per your need.
  • Auto shut-down system keeps the device safe from any major damage.
  • Auto-shut down helps to keep the device safe from overheating damage.


  • Cordless facility unavailable.
  • Not rechargeable.
  • To new users, Shiatsu-like massage may be painful.

#5 FIVE S Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat, Beige

May I have your attention please, thank you.  This is for those who are suffering from sore neck, muscle tensions, back pain for long a time and looking for something to get relief from all these through massage then this Five Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat is an ideal device for you. After a hard working comes an end and you feel tired and stressed both physically and mentally, this device will certainly come forward to rescue you. It will provide you the much needed relaxation to your neck, shoulders, back and some other parts of your body. Now, let’s check it out what this neck and shouldermassage machine have to offer you.

The Device

This new massager is one of the best devices which provide Shiatsu kneading massage with heat. The 8 kneading rollers generate moderate heat that gives effective massage on your neck shoulders back, waist, hands and some other parts of your body too. This well- designed device provides you the well- needed relief from stress what you’ve achieved from your lifestyle and working field.

The Rollers

The 8 kneading rollers can move clockwise and anticlockwise to give a complete massage from your neck to lower back to allow you to have a total relief from muscle pain and tensions.

The Adjustment

This device has two buttons. One is to change the direction of the rollers from upside down and the other one to turn the heat on and off. So, now you can control the movement and the heat as per your need.


Before start using you should know what the safety measure should be taken to make a device durable. This neck massager has a special feature of automatic shut-off in every 15 minutes to prevent from overload and also stops working temporarily for overheating The device will start working again once you press the ’on’ button.

Works Everywhere!

This is equipped with two types of adopter for using it at different places. One is power adopter for your home and office and another is car adopter which helps you to take massage while you’re driving a car.

Mind it!

You should keep in your mind one thing that this is portable but not a cordless device. Even no battery is attached with this. So you have to depend entirely upon the electrical power to run it. Once it is out of power it will stop immediately until it gets back the power. So you must be close to plug during massage.


  • Smooth and moderate heat to provide deep Shiatsu massage to the tiring body and mind.
  • 8 kneading rollers can work clockwise and anticlockwise for having great service.
  • For having power adopter and car adopter it can be used at home, office or car as well.


  • To some new users the Shiatsu massage therapy is little hotter but gradually it will be OK.
  • Though it is portable but not cordless.

#6 Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat [Speed Control, Bi-Direction Control]

Hello, I am back. Once again I feel happy to pick one more exciting product for you to get the experience of Shiatsu massage therapy without going to a spa or to any professional. You can realize that your pain and tensions at your neck, back and shoulders have gone; the tiredness, the stress is gradually getting less. And all this magic would happen once you buy Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Pillow and Corded Massager and take service of it. I assure you within a short time all of your above- said problems would be “Gone through the Wind”. And surely you’re going to consider it as the best home neck and shoulder massager.  Come on, let’s open the box and see what is inside it for you.

The Product

This 8 deep kneading massage pillow is the right choice for Shiatsu massage therapy if you want to take a deep massage for your body. The heating function also is there to reduce stress. The changeable design following the shape of your body to focus the particular areas.

Speed and Direction

The three selected speed modes are there to control your device. This is to provide you an experience of deep tissue massage. Besides that, the direction control system gives clockwise and anti-clockwise motion of massage keeping in mind your need.

The Heating Function

The heating function is there to increase the benefits of massage especially for reducing stress. Besides that, there has a switch to turn the heating function off when you have no need turn it off manually Having 6 feet long AC power adopter.

Anytime Anywhere

Only for having 6 feet long AC power adopter you can use it anywhere in your home or office. Not only that, a car battery is available FREE with this device only to allow you to get the heated massage while driving a car.


  1. The best quality but low cost and effectiveness of massage pillow are given with this device.
  2. Chronic muscle tension is cured by deep tissue massage. Having 8 Shiatsu massage heads this device can penetrate the muscles to get the best results.
  3. Each massage session of 10 minutes ensures relief from pain in this short period.
  4. This device is wrapped with soft fabrics for soothing feel and the remote control for easy operation.
  5. It is well designed to massage the acupuncture points of the neck to provide the best pain relief.
  6. This device needs 12V DC power to run. It means it is a safe product for home or car as well.


  • Covers a large massage area at your neck and shoulders.
  • Controlled by hand to run as per your need.
  • Have a deep sleep.
  • Free car adopter.


  • Little costly than other neck massagers.

#7 Shiatsu Back Neck Massager Machine – best home neck and shoulder massager

Who doesn’t like to get relief from pain at any part of the body? Obviously NONE! Do you enjoy the stress and tension that you get from your working place? Certainly NOT!! And if you have any of these kinds of the problem then I think you are going to get relief in no time. Here I ‘m once again with neck and shoulder massager review with one of the most useful and effective product which definitely reduce your all pains especially from your neck, back, and shoulders. Besides that, it helps you to get a release from stress.  It is Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat. This is a kind of device to provide you the multiple pain relief from neck, back and different parts of your body and also boost your energy by providing the necessary comfort from stress and fatigue what you’ve achieved from your lifestyle and the working field. Now let’s discuss the best features and advantages of this massager.

The Device

The 3D Shiatsu massager with 8 kneading nodes is well designed in such a shape that you would feel the touch of human hands while taking a massage. It means, no matter is it your home, office or you’re driving a car, you certainly feel the same as a spa or a professional massager.

Roller Balls

This massager has 4 big and 4 small roller balls. These balls come handy to get deep tissue massage on your neck, shoulders, back and many other parts of your body. Like- neck, back shoulders, thighs, calves feet, etc.


This device has three- speed strength levels which could help you to get the right amount of pressure that you need to get relief from muscle pain.

The Direction of Massage

The two directional process of massage makes you feel the same experience of the massage of a professional therapist. Apart from that the auto-reverse of 3D Shiatsu massage provides you the better massage effects.

The Heat Effects

You’ll get the infrared heat from this device which is certainly going to give you relief muscle tension, stress and promote the blood circulation of your body. Not only that you can use this device with or without heating function as per your choice.

Auto Shut- Off

This massager is equipped with a timer and it will automatically shut-off in every 15 minutes. In this way, you have no need to worry about the overheating problem.


This device has two adapters for your use.  One is power adaptor to run the device when you’re at the office or at home. Another one is a car adopter which helps you to take massage while you’re driving. It means it doesn’t matter where you are but your massage will be always on.


  • The massage nodes reach deep into tissues to give the much-needed relief from several pains.
  • The adjustable heat massage helps to lose tight muscles.
  • Two kinds of adopter make possible to use it both at home and in car.
  • The 15 minutes auto shut-off feature makes the device safe from any damage.


  • Not works on battery, means you have to be always closure and plugged in the device to the power source.
  • Heat is not very noticeable.
  • Not very hand-free device.

#8 GESS GESS129 Shiatsu Kneading Massager – best massager for neck and shoulder pain

GESS GESS129 Shiatsu Kneading Massager Pillo With Heat Massage Cusion

You’ve just come from your working place. You’re looking stressed and tired. Your neck and back pain has started once again. In this state of body and mind, I’m sure you are looking for something that can take care of you. Possibly, massage is the best idea in this situation. Only a good massage can give you relief from all these. A good massage comes from a good device that can provide you the necessary relief from pains and stress, it also to reduce your stress and fatigue only to make you free and fresh again. And in my opinion, GESS GESS 129 is the top rated neck and shoulder massager for you. Now let’s see what this device has to give you.

The Design

This device is specially designed to massage the acupuncture points in the neck and shoulders. In this way, you get relief from neck pain, aching muscles, and stiffness. Besides that, the design is perfect goes with upper and lower back, abdomen and some other areas also.

Massage Heads

You can see 4 soft spring type kneading massage head with this device. These are the things that can generate heat which is more effective for you to get soothing neck and shoulders and other parts of your body.

Change of Direction

The massage heads can rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise in every 2 minutes to ensure you that you’ll get the perfect massage what you need badly at that moment.

Overheating Protection

This device is programmed with an overheating protection system. The 20 minutes auto shut-down saves the device from damage.

Power Supply

This device is fully power controlled. No battery or charger is applicable here. To run this device you need to use the power adopter when you’re at home or working place. Not only that, there comes a car adopter along with the device to provide you a massage while you’re driving a car.


This neck and shoulder massager is ready to take care of your health in many ways. Muscles of neck, shoulders, and back get relief from pain. You will get comfort once you start using this massager. Its Infra-red heating system improves the blood circulation of your body and in this way, various cervical related diseases get controlled. Besides that, this massage therapy reduces heart rate, increases flexibility, speed up muscles recovery. All these facilities have promotes better sleep.


  • Works well to fight against cervical diseases.
  • Helps to get relief from muscles pain.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Automatic power cut-off for the safety of device.


  • Cannot apply battery or charger.
  • Not cordless.

#9 Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat

Neck keeps your head high up to accept challenges. Shoulders are there to carry workloads and responsibility. Back provides the strength to your body and mind as well. What if when all these three main parts of your body which help to show your character suffering from pain and tension? What you’ll do when your tired mind gives up thinking and takes any positive decision after a daylong hard work?  At this state of mind and body obviously, you need something to revive your strength and energy back. Possibly, massage is a process to follow. Especially, neck back and shoulders massage is the best idea to handle such situation. Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat is a device that would fulfill your needs what is you looking for at that time. This device certainly has some features to draw your attention towards it. Let’s have a look.

The Device

This device is specially designed deep kneading Shiatsu massage with heat that goes into the muscles to give you relief from pain and tightness of muscles. Apart from that, the device is ready to provide relieves tiredness, stress, and tension.

Massage Rollers

The massage rollers move all around from shoulders to lower back to ensure you to get a total massage. It stimulates the muscles of both sides of the spinal cord. Not only that, it helps to reach the right spot where you need the most of good massage.


The three levels of intensity in vibration can be used separately or jointly with different types of massage. This is to help you to get relief from the different ailments related to muscles and nerves.


Through this device, you can select the level of heat while massaging only to relax the muscles of neck and shoulders.

Massage Modes

This device provides you two different massage modes. One is the single direction which means the rotation will be gone one way. And the Other one is auto reverse, which means the rotators change the direction in every scheduled interval to give you the real feeling of massage without going to any massage therapist.

Cordless and Rechargeable

The two things that make this device special from others. First, this is a cordless device which means, you have no need to find a power board to run it. Now for having a rechargeable battery, you can truly take it anywhere for use. Secondly, no extra cord is compulsory for this device.

The Benefits

This neck and back massager provides you the most needed Shiatsu massage which helps you o recover from various kinds of problems related to muscles and joints from your neck to lower back. The pain, tensions on the neck is really a concern only to be reduced by using this massager. Moreover, following these massage sessions the heart rate will be normal, flexibility will improve, blood circulation will be smooth and all these things earn you a better sleep.


  • Deep kneading Shiatsu massage goes deep of muscles to soothe pain, ease tightness and promotes the blood circulation.
  • 8 kneading rolling massage nodes to stimulate muscles.
  • 3 levels of vibrations are used separately or combined to get more benefits of massage.
  • Cordless and rechargeable these two are great features this device has.


  • Costly than most of the other devices. But the cost is justifying when you consider the benefits it provides and the unique features.

#10 Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager Deep Kneading Massage with Cordless Rechargeable Battery

Whenever you feel hurt you look for solace. The burden of works, the load of responsibility takes a toll on your body and mind. The weary and tired you are seriously looking for something that reduces your pain, stress and gives you comfort which you’re dying to get at that moment. Why don’t you think to take massage and that is at your home or at your office or while you driving a car? Can you be able to believe that there is a device which can give you a service what a massage therapist provide you? Yes, there is one among many. That is- Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager Deep Massage with Cordless Rechargeable Battery. Now have a look the vital prospects of this device which make you consider this for your home.

The Device

This neck massager is an effective product with some unique features to provide you a lot of benefits that you have really needed to get. This not only to take care of your health problems but also to keep you mentally fresh and sound. The main features are-

The Design

This unit is designed in such way that you can hold this device in place for a long session without having any effort. In this way, you’ll get a hands-free massage at your home. The shoulder straps are long enough for properly massage to your shoulders and back.

3D Shiatsu Massage Nodes

This device has 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu nodes. These are there to provide you the necessary relief from neck and back stiffness and back pain. Apart from that, the advance heating system allows you to give your muscles warm.

Adjustable Massage System

The new technology provides you to adjust the speed of massage as per your specific requirement. Not only that, this device also has Bi- directional Massage system to give you a unique experience of the massage by changing the direction automatically.

Cordless and Rechargeable

Unlike most of the other devices, this is truly a portable device. This cordless device is equipped with a rechargeable battery. It means, it is not compulsory to carry the cord along with you when you’re outside.


Though it is a cordless and rechargeable device but also has both power and car adaptor which make it usable at anywhere. Especially, when the battery runs out.

Shut Down

This can automatically shut-down in every 15 minutes, it means, your device is safe against overrunning if you forget to stop it.


  1. This device is good enough to give you a deep kneading Shiatsu massage for any parts of your body. Through this massage, you can get relief from stiffness, pain, tensions, and knots at your neck back and shoulders as well.
  2. Not only neck to back it is applicable thighs, legs, hands, elbows too.
  3. It improves blood circulation to cut heart risks.
  4. With the help of this massager, your pressure can be reduced.
  5. Stress, fatigue and tiredness these three mental problems will be gone once you use this device for you.


  • The U-shaped device can be applied at any part of your body.
  • The hand free design is convenient for using.
  • Advance heating system to supply warmth to muscles.
  • Heating intensity can be adjusted.
  • Cordless and rechargeable.


  • Heat is not detectable to some buyers.
  • The cover is not of very best quality.

After having a long discussion about the neck and shoulder massager now we have come to a point where you can say that you’ve gained enough knowledge about it. But one thing we should not forget that there has no end of any information. Something may be left away for sure. So let’s check it out.


Any kind of health-related device is not for everyone. There should be some sorts of people who are not allowed to use this. Besides that, these electricity run devices should be carefully used to avoid any kind of accident. So come and go through it.

  1. Pregnancy is the very important and sensitive stage. Women should be very careful about taking every measure. She must take the advice of her doctor before using any kind of massager to avoid any mishap.
  2. Diabetes is another problem where a doctor’s recommendation is needed before using this device.
  3. There are very few massagers that can be used by the children. Mostly they are not referred to use it by a doctor unless some rare cases. So, you should keep it away from them.
  4. The persons who are suffering from any types of cardiac ailments, having high blood pressure or implanted pacemaker are suggested to avoid this device because there is always a risk of developing blood clots which may cause a cardiac attack.
  5. Before using this massager remove all types of metallic jewelry from your body.
  6. You should not use a massager in the bathtub, there are always be a chance of electrocution.
  7. Keep long hair away from the device.
  8. If your skin gets irritated stop using it.

Some more Important Factors

Generally, we think to use a neck massager to get relief from muscle pain. But, it doesn‘t mean that you can apply this device to every pain-related problems. Here are some factors you should carefully consider before using your device.

  1. If you sustain any injury to your bone and most of the time suffering from pain, then you should avoid massage as it is not suitable for you. You only can take the heating therapy separately. Massaging and vibration not good for pains cause from bones.
  2. Though massagers have some good uses but you should not make habit of using it. Because excessive use may cause skin and inner cell damage. You may follow a routine if need a massage on a daily basis.

Final Verdict

I would like to thank all of you for following my articles with a great patience for so long. Whatever I have been trying to do since the beginning is to generate an interest for a massager in your life. I have been trying to tell you all about the features that should be in an ideal massager to provide you the best service what you generally get in a spa or a salon. Moreover, I have discussed the various health and mental issues that could be cured with the help of a massager.

I shall be glad if all my efforts come handy for you to buy any this utility product for your home. I hope my neck and shoulder massager reviews must be popular among you and whenever to go for online purchasing following my website I strongly believe that my suggestions never be wasted and whatever you buy would be a smart buy. 

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