Best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2019 – Don’t Miss The Chance of 48-hour sale!

Hey Guys, What’s up! Would you like to feel the magic? No, I am not telling you about any kind of magic show, but indeed, believe me, it’s no less than a magic. What if you get a chance to buy all the things you need at a heavy discounted amount? What if all the branded products that were once beyond your capacity are now within your reach? Though the products you’ll get at a lesser price, the warranty will remain the same as before to assure you about your purchases. Isn’t it magic? Do you want to out for treasure hunt? Fasten your seat belt; you’re about to land in the wonderland!

amazon prime day 2019

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Yes, the annual Amazon Prime Day the global shopping deals event for 2019 is going to kick off on 15 July and it lasted for 48 hours. This is a time when the world with loads of various goods whatever it may be open to you and you get an opportunity to purchase all your need at a great offered price. This online shopping, the deal event has created by Amazon in 2015 has been grown up since past few years and now it becomes a global craze. That is not an end, every year the millions of deals being increased and this will continue in forthcoming years.

What You’ll Get from Amazon Prime Day? 

No matter if it is a household, grocery or laundry product or anything else Amazon Prime Day is ready to provide you all that you need. Not only a product but you can get a rental of on-demand movies in a discounted sum accessing Amazon Prime Video, and also listen to your favorite music on demand accessing Prime Music’s library where you’ll get more than 2 millions of songs of different languages. Apart from that, you’ll get free in-game loot and a monthly subscription on Twitch. Besides, you can now read as much as you want from thousands of books, magazines, comics, etc.

Why You Would Get Amazon Prime Membership?

Before jump into it, one thing you must know that this discount festival is reserved for those who have an active prime account. If you’re still to have a subscription, try to sign up for a Prime membership before the start of the event You will have a lot of benefits for having this membership, such as speedy delivery, exchange offer, money refund, etc.

Furthermore, if you want to take part in this shopping event but don’t want to shell out 79 pounds per year, you can sign up for a free 30 days trial shortly before Prime Day 2019 and cancel after bagging some bargains of your choice.

How Can You Sign Up for Amazon Prime Membership?

Hope you can understand the worth of having an Amazon Prime membership the big shopping event around the world. All you need is an Amazon account with a valid credit card linked to the account. Once you sign up for free trial you’ll have access to all the Prime benefits, including free shipping for 2 days and this allow you to participate in the biggest shopping event of the year.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Last year the Prime Day fell on 17 July, Tuesday It was little late for some technical reason. Unless it would be usually the second Tuesday of July rather than the third. But this year it is confirmed by Amazon that the Prime Day 2019 will run for 15 July and 16 July. Specifically, Prime Day 2019 starts at 00.01 BST, Monday 15 July and ends on 23.59 BST, Tuesday 16 July. It means you’ll get an extra day to buy something more. So, now it is up to you to manage your time and try to call off your entire job for those two days to get most of the Prime Day bargains.

What is Amazon Prime Day Concert and When?

To build a strong bonding between you and the retailer, to get more people to sign up to Amazon Prime Video, there is an announcement from the retailer to held a Prime Day Party and a Prime Day Concert a week before Prime Day 2019. The party, as well as the concert, is being held at a secret location in East London on 10 July. The top performers of this show will be Tailor Swift, Dua Lipa, SZA and more to be followed. The attendance will be limited within the Prime members and they can apply for tickets via the Prime Day Party website until 6.01 am on 4 July. They can get the walk-in tickets for the program on 9 July. 

Buying Guide and Tips for Amazon Prime Day 2019

1. Like all the hyped deal events Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity for the retailer to reduce old stock quickly. To catch the buyers Amazon offers discounts that look big and flashy. But in reality, some of those discounts are not as big as you think.

Instead, perhaps you’ll get slightly lower price than what you got a day before. But for Amazon, CamelCamelCamel is the only tool to know what savings actually you’re getting. All you have to type the product name into the search bar and the price history of the product is there.

2. Under influence of exciting deals sometimes checking the specific of the product goes backseat. Customer reviews provide you the exact condition, quality, and the age of any product. Therefore, without considering the type of product, it’s worth reading reviews, and also looks if any other more current and cheaper option is available or not.

3. Sometimes the shipping cost of the product you have bought bump the price and you may not get a good deal as you thought previously. To avoid this, you should sign up for Prime only to receive premium shipping for no extra cost.

Every year Amazon Prime Day comes with great deals for you to bargain. This is an opportunity for you to get all your desired things at a lesser cost. That’s the reason for the great popularity of this biggest shopping event. This year also the day is knocking your door. Just go, catch them, snatch them, grab them before someone gets better dealing ahead of you. Good luck!!

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