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Lacrosse Ball Massage for Lower Back Pain

Lacrosse Ball Massage Lower Back

Lower back pain is not an uncommon disease. It is very much existed among the older people especially those who have been carrying loads, or use to sit at a stretch day by day or suffering from some kind of ailments like- Pelvic Inflammatory disease, slipped disk sciatica, spinal stenosis, prostatitis, premenstrual syndrome, Ankylosing Spondylitis and even kidney stone […]

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(6 Steps) How to Make Rice Bags for Heat Therapy?

How to Make Rice Bags for Heat Therapy

Are you both physically and mentally tired? Are you suffering from aching bones, stiff muscles, and bad circulation? Are you stressed or tensed? Many problems, one solution- Heat therapy. If you want to provide warmth to your bones and muscles and get refreshed feeling then you have to seriously consider for the heat therapy. Now […]

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(Top 7) Acupressure Points for Upper Back Pain

Acupressure Points for Upper Back Pain

Back pain is it lower or upper need no introduction. This is a worldwide problem suffered by the elderly persons, sportspersons, working people, housewives, who are not. Besides that, physical weakness or injuries are also responsible for back pain. All of them are just dying to get over from this terrible problem and ready to […]

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Is Oil Massage Good for Facial Benefits?

Is Oil Massage Good for Facial Benefits

It is not unknown to us the value of massage to our face. Whenever you have a special occasion you wish to have a facial massage to generate a glow on your skin and this surely gives your splendid appearance be noticed by everyone around you. Especially, the person in your life praises himself to […]

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Is Massage Good for Arthritis?

Is Massage Good for Arthritis

Commonly you can say Arthritis is a disease-causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. Swelling at the affected areas, and decrease your normal motion are the two most visible symptoms of arthritis. The symptoms can be mild, moderate or severe; they might come and go but may get worse over time. As a result, […]

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