(6 Steps) How to Make Rice Bags for Heat Therapy?

Are you both physically and mentally tired? Are you suffering from aching bones, stiff muscles, and bad circulation? Are you stressed or tensed? Many problems, one solution- Heat therapy. If you want to provide warmth to your bones and muscles and get refreshed feeling then you have to seriously consider for the heat therapy. Now the question is How to Make Rice Bags for Heat Therapy? Hot water compress, hot oil therapy both are very effective. But what if you need dry heat to your bones and muscles? Then you to find out some alternative way. Have you ever thought about creating your own microwavable heat therapy pack? If not then just go through it.

How to Make Rice Bags for Heat Therapy

These heat therapy packs are basically a bag filled with something like rice and then this pack can be heated in the microwave for heat therapy. This pack can be used to treat all kind of bone or muscle related ailments and provide a long-term relief.

 The best thing about this pack is they are very easy to make and also you can make it at home all by yourself. Let’s see how-

The Beginning

At first, you have to decide what the shape and size of the heat pack would be. You have to choose them according to the area of the point of your body where you need the heat. Now it’s time to describe the way for making a rice bag for heat therapy at your home.

Fabric to be used

You have to select the fabric which will not feel good against your skin and will not irritate your skin. In my opinion, you should use only cotton fabrics which not only is good for your skin but also a right choice for the microwave. Even you can use any cotton old fabrics around your house. The size of your fabric is more or less ¼ yard and it will be sufficient to fulfil your need.

The Filling Materials

  1. 6 cups of uncooked rice (cheap quality is also fine).
  2. 10-20 drops of essential oils (lavender, rosemary, chamomile etc.)
  3. Needle and thread for sewing.

The Processing

1ST Step

You have to take 6 cups of uncooked rice in a large bowl and add the essential oils evenly around the rice. Wait for 10 minutes and then mix the oil thoroughly using your both hands. Leave the mixture for an hour.

2nd Step

Now take the fabric and draw the design according to your need onto it. Make sure that your design will fit comfortably on the target area. Finally cut twice with the scissors.

3rd Step

After that place the two pieces of fabric together, keeping both outsides facing each other. Now use your sewing machine and sew the two pieces of fabric together on three sides. Put your hand inside and pull the bag inside out.

4th Step

Fill the bag with the rice and essential oils mixture. To make it flexible don’t allow the bag to fill more than 2\3 of the bag.

5th Step

Now it is time to sew the remaining side together to close the bag. You will be happy to see a perfect rice bag made all but yourself.

6th Step

Finally, you have to place the bag in the microwave and heat on high for two minutes. Check the heat. If needed heat for longer. Now your rice bag is ready to make it in use. Place in the area of your body where it is needed and enjoy the heat therapy.

Now you are an owner of a rice bag all made by you. Then it is the time to for you to know how to make it in use. Let’s go.

How to Use the Heat Therapy Pack

For Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain either upper or lower then this rice bag will come handy for you. You have to place the hot bag at the affected areas and allow the bag to supply heat on the muscles to reduce stiffness and soreness. It will also be helpful to relax the muscles and boosts the blood circulation. By the help of these two, you will get relief from pain. You can also use this rice bag on your neck and shoulders, in fact, it can be used at any part of your body which has pain.

Get Relief from Cold

In cold winter nights when you’re really shivering with cold, your hands and feet are almost freezing. You are dying to get some heat from anywhere, and the warm clothes what you have put on are not enough to give you comfort. In this situation, you must have to think of the rice bag. All you need to take your heat pack to bed, place it under your toes. Stay warm all night and enjoy better sleep. Even you can place it inside your gloves or place a large pack under your feet while driving a car in a winter night to get the most wanted warm for that moment.

Treat Sickness

Cold and flu these two common ailments which are hard to be denied make you feel uneasy due to body aches. Apart from medicines, you can take a rice bag for heat therapy. This will also keep your muscles warm and reduce some aches and pains and speed up your recovery.

Be Alert

Though rice bag is one of the very simple and easy to use devices, there is one thing that may create a problem if you’re not alert.  Before using you should keep checking is there any holes in the bag. The rice gets hot inside and your skin would get burned for this. Besides that before applying on your skin make sure if the rice bag is not too hot for you.

Using a simple but effective device is always a welcome move for us. Rice bag is certainly one of them which provide you with the much-needed comfort against almost no expense. Isn’t it a great thing to have? Come let’s make one for yourself.

Here is an awesome video that can help you a lot! Must watch this video.

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