How to Use a Foot Massager Machine?

You’re always very concerned about your look and appearance and no wonder if you’re serious enough to maintain that. Often you like to spend much on your face, hair, and your fitness. But most of the time you do not pay any attention to your feet unless they give up and start paining. But you know that your feet are the most active part of your body which take a load of your body and baggage throughout the day.

How to Use a Foot Massager Machine

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You make them walking, keep them standing, and even force them running until you go to bed. But when you feel pain in one or both of your feet, it is then you can feel the importance of them. Suddenly then you find your life get a halt, all your works stay pending, your normal movement gets disturbed. This is the time you become serious about taking necessary action on your affected foot or feet to make the movement normal again. Apart from taking medicines, a proper massage would be a better idea to get rid of this issue.

What is Foot Massage?

Are you feeling foot discomfort? Does your toe go hard? No problem. Massage is a process that can keep your feet out of all these troubles and make you feel relaxed and pain-free. Besides, this also can maintain the activity of your feet by making every muscle of your feet working properly. Apart from all these, there are some diseases like arthritis, headache, hypertension; all these diseases may start reducing gradually once you start taking a massage. The massage can be done both manually and mechanically.

What is A Manual Massager?

A manual massage is a kind of handheld and portable tool that comes in a roller design. You have to place this on your foot and keep rolling until you get the necessary relaxation. This is used only to get relaxed after a daylong workload.

What is an Electrical Massager?

Sometimes the problem on your feet is not only due to extra workload but there is an issue which is a little major. In this case, you need an electric massager machine. This is a device where you need to put both of your feet and leave the rest to the machine. It provides the necessary warm, vibration, and rolling to your feet and help you to get your feet working again. Furthermore, this device comes very useful to maintain blood pressure, blood circulation, and good sleep. Besides, it can cure the heel problem and edema after few days of using this machine.

Before you jump to own a massager machine for yourself, you have to get some idea about the functions of a machine as there are different types of machines with different features and you have to select the one of them that matches your requirements. Let’s go.

How to Use the Foot Massager?

If you’re using a foot massager, no matter if it is a handheld or electrical the thing which is common and that is you need to pay attention to the pressure points that are situated at the bottom of your feet. These points are the main parts that can convey the warm and relaxation throughout the body and give you the much-needed pain-free feeling.

How A Manual Massager Works?

If you prefer to use a manual or handheld massager, then you have to put pressure on the balls. To make this possible all you need rolling the tool over the balls of your foot in slow motion. Now you have to move slowly towards the heel and the arch and there also you to follow the same process. In this way, you’ll get the desired result not only to your feet but also to those organs and parts of your body with whom the balls are linked. Apart from that, this massage can stimulate the spots down the feet and improve the blood flow so that makes a positive mark on the organs like heart, kidney, etc.

How an Electrical Massager Works?

As for an electrical device, the process would be much easier and you do not need to put an extra effort but sit comfortably and enjoy the massage by following the process in these steps.

  • Place a towel on the floor and then set your massager machine on it there where it needs to be. The towel will help to soak the water that may spill from the machine. Now it is time to plug the machine on.
  • Fill the machine with water and then add necessary salts and oils as you require for the kind of massage for your feet.
  • Now sit on a chair and dip your feet into the machine and allow them to get the warmth and also let them soak the oils and the salts. You can set the temperature using the controller as per your needs.
  • You have to sit for 10-15 minutes and let the massager machine do all the work.
  • When the massage is done, turn off the machine and dry your feet. The whole process must be continued for at least 15 days to get the desired result.

As I said earlier, there are different types of electrical foot massager machine and you have to select the one which may fill your needs. Here some of the vital things that you need to keep in mind before own a machine.


Size does matter. Most of the massager machines like a large bowl. But you can get the smaller one if you have a minimum storing space where you can tuck away after every use.

Temperature Control

This is one of the important things that should be given importance as it is the basic function of most of the machines. You cannot afford the water to get cold while the massaging process is on. Only hot water can provide you the relax and allow you to soak your feet that you need. Having a temperature control may help you to maintain the temperature till the end of the massage.


Bubbles that generated in the water inside the device while it is on not only give you a good feeling but also help to reduce the pressure from your feet. To get the full use of these, all you need to have a controller that comes with the device to control the intensity of the bubbles which should not too weak or too strong.


This is one of the most vital things that helps to get massage better. A vibration proper intensity and cycles may stimulate your feet better than anything else. So, you need to check this feature when you go to buy this machine.


This is another way to get the proper massaging. It gives you the feeling of the real massage for its change of direction. You may mistake this with a hand massage.


While you’re buying a foot massager machine for yourself, apart from all these one necessary issues that has you cannot ignore. If your machine doesn’t have the drainage facility, then you have to lift and carry the machine full of water to drain which may seem heavier for you.

Finally, I have come to the end of these long discussions. To keep fit you always need to take care of your feet and for that, you have to trust upon the massage. To have a proper and measured massage for your feet and that also without putting many efforts, you have no other options but owning a foot massager machine of the best quality you know.

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