Lacrosse Ball Massage for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is not an uncommon disease. It is very much existed among the older people especially those who have been carrying loads, or use to sit at a stretch day by day or suffering from some kind of ailments like- Pelvic Inflammatory diseaseslipped disk sciatica, spinal stenosis, prostatitis, premenstrual syndrome, Ankylosing Spondylitis and even kidney stone for longer terms.

Lacrosse Ball Massage Lower Back

The Problems You Suffer

If you are suffering from lower back problem then you’ll face a lot of difficulty standing up straight, walking, or going from standing to sitting. Moreover, you’ll face a dull and achy pain to the low back, sometimes stinging and burning pain that moves from low back to thighs, tightness in the low back, pelvis and hips. All these take a toll on your life and make you lead an uncomfortable and painful life.

What is the Remedy

If you want to get a temporary relief from this pain then you have to take some anti-inflammatory medicines regularly. Apart from that, if you have anyone kind of specific ailment mentioned above then you have to go for the necessary treatment. Besides that, if you have some kind of muscular or neurotic problem then massage is definitely one of the best solutions for it. There are different types of massage to give you the much-needed relief from lower back pain. Among them, Lacrosse Ball Massage is one of its kinds.

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What is Lacrosse Ball?

A Lacrosse Ball is a kind of solid rubber ball weighs 5-5.25 Oz and has a circumference of 7.75-8 inches. These balls are available in different colours- white, yellow-orange etc. It is not that types of a ball that can be softened with pressure but a harder and dense one that may create pressure on the spot of your body. This type of ball is mainly used by the sportspersons, but it is also very useful as a massage device for those who are engaged in different kinds of hard-working jobs.

How is Lacrosse Ball used?

Keeping in mind of its strength, a lacrosse ball can be used as a powerful massage device that can help to relieve pain and improving the functions of sore muscles. This massage is a form of self- myofascial release. A research reveals that myofascial release may provide some important benefits. Like- it decreases joint pain, helps muscles performance, reduce fatigue and soreness after work out. Importantly, this kind of self-massage is very effective for your low back area and gives you your desired result after a consistent practice. Now I am going to discuss some different types of massage technique including a lacrosse ball to soothe your sore muscles after the work outdone by you.


If your glute muscles become tight or irritated then you have to face discomfort and pain at your low back and hip area. A massage using lacrosse ball provides you with great flexibility in the hip and back area and relieves tension in the buttock region.

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To get the massage including lacrosse ball you have to follow a process-

  1. Stand with your back against the wall keeping the lacrosse ball between the wall and your glutes.
  2. Move up and down and side by side until you find the tender spot.
  3. Put your weight on the wall and allow the ball to apply pressure on this area.
  4. Hold for at least 30 seconds to feel the pain subside.

A constant and repeat practice of this massage helps you to overcome the problem easily without making too many problems.


Hamstring is the muscle that is located at the back of your knee and makes a link among your hip, knee and your back. But sometimes, mainly to the adults, tight hamstring happens due to sitting at the same place continuously for a longer period. This is one of the reasons behind the hip, knee and back pain and it also creates a problem on your movements. A massage with a lacrosse ball might be a good solution to this problem.

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All you need to follow a process step by step.

  1. Sit on a hard surface high enough off the ground that let your legs hang. Place the lacrosse ball under your thigh and keep rolling until you find the tender spot.
  2. Lean forward and put the weight your arm and body upon your thigh.
  3. Slowly extend and bend your knees for at least 30 seconds.
  4. Repeat the massage again and again for sometimes.

Following this practice for a few weeks, I am sure, must help you to get rid of your hamstring issue for at least a year or two. Isn’t it exciting for you?

Spine Area

To get relief from your lower back pain you should take care of your spine area. Because this is the zone from where some pains are formed and spread through the different part of your back, especially the lower back. The massage using lacrosse ball is possibly the better option to get rid of this problem.

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To get lacrosse ball massage on the spine area all you need to follow some steps in order-

  1. Sleep on a harder floor on your back. Place the ball under your back.
  2. Place the ball under your back, one side of the spine and apply pressure on the ball to put pressure on your muscles.
  3. You can control the amount of pressure by lifting the hip while pressing into your feet.
  4. Move the ball up and down to get the entire muscles massaged and the soothing relief which you want.

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But one thing you should keep in your mind that there are no medicines even massage also cannot give you an instant relief. So this unique and effective massage may create a wonder on your spine, to make it free from every kind of device.

So, finally all I can say that a lacrosse ball might be a small thing to be considered for your health. But if you use, it may create wonder for sure.

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