[Lightweight & Professional] Best Portable Massage Table Reviews 2021

You’re looking stressful always. Possibly your professional commitment is taking a toll and your mind and body are just giving up to respond properly. In this situation, nothing good can happen to you. But in this era where you have faced a tough competition in every working field, your fitness level both physically and mentally should be in great condition. To revive your mood and energy without taking any kind of medicines, the only way left is a massage. In this portable massage table reviews, you are going to get some secret information which will clear your all doubts. After reading this review, you will able to select the Best Portable Massage Table.

Best Portable Massage Table Reviews

Comparison Table of Best Home Massage Table

Sl. No.


Product Our Rating Price

EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table



SierraComfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table


Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table With Carrying Case


BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table


SierraComfort Basic Portable Massage Table, Black


Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table


New Black 84″ Portable Massage Table w/Free Carry Case T1 Chair Bed Spa Facial

7 Best Lightweight Portable Massage Table

1. EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table – One of The best massage table brand

Are you looking for a portable and best rated portable massage tables which not only provides you the much- needed comfort, relaxation and make you free from some kinds of pains and stress? Are you looking for a massage table that not only fulfils your needs but also is well designed to draw attraction of those who want to have it for their personal use or for their clinic? Then you have no other option left than the EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package is one of the best lightweight portable massage table– the right one for your need.

Now Let’s See The Important Features of Best Portable Massage Table

At first, you have to look at the materials that are used to make this massage table.

The Structures

This massage table deck is made of high- quality maple wood and treated with eco-friendly glues and water-based lacquer. This full sized 30”x 73” table fits people of all size. Besides that, it weighs only 34lbs which means you can easily sift this table anywhere in your house all by yourself. Even it folds and transports one place to another easily.

The Upholstery

The material that is used here as the upholstery, is a fabric made by none other than ‘Nature’s Touch’ with 2.5 inches soft dual density foam. It gives you a comfortable feeling when you lie on it and it also lasts long enough which make you less worry.

The Design

This table is well designed for personal and professional use and also features non-slip Stable feet, sure-grip knobs, and full-length piano hinge for strength. Not only that, this massage table package includes patented deluxe adjustable headrest with a cradle cushion and all these only to provide you comfort what you want to have badly. Moreover, it comes with a sturdy carry bag that comes handy for the massage therapists who tend to travel a lot.


The Earthlite Company is committed to keeping the environment clean and takes the eco-friendliness to a new level. So all the product manufactured by this company are made by eco-friendly materials and these are also durable and affordable

Lifetime Limited Warranty

This massage table offers you a lucrative lifetime warranty on the frame and construction. Apart from that, you’ll get 3 years of warranty on the upholstery and foam.


  • check The adjustable height and face cradle for ease.
  • check Comes with convenient nylon carry bag.
  • check Highly portable and lightweight.


  • Height adjustment is time taking and not easy.
  • ​It makes you easily fall asleep and lose track of time.

Therefore, considering all the factors, all I can say that, this portable massage table model is the best solution to your problem. And this is one of thetop massage table brands available all around.

2. SierraComfort All – Best Folding Portable Massage Table

Whenever you think to buy a massage table for your personal or professional use, you have to think for a portable one as it is easy to carry, fold, or unfold. If you want to be the owner of one of the best massage table brand then you are strongly recommended to buy this Best Folding Portable Massage Table. This table has a lot of things to offer that certainly make you give a thought of it. Let’s see.

SierraComfort Folding Portable Massage Table Features

This portable massage table is made of strong cream colored Beech or Maple hardwood which made the table durable. The cable system of coated tension wires connects the leg supports to provide the strength and durability to this table.

The Upholstery

This massage table top sheet is made of 100% cotton sheet, elegant black in colour including the face cradle with heavy duty stitched. Inside the cushion made of 2” thick high-density foam which is not easily going to flatten and give your tabletop sheet a longer life.

The Design

This portable massage table is 72” long x 28” wide x 23”-33” adjustable height fit for a person of any size. This table weighs 36lbs-39lbs and no tools are required for setting up and also can sift anywhere in your house without taking any botheration. Apart from that, the lightweight face cradle of this table is adjustable even can be removed if you do not need of it. There is a forward swinging armrest cradle which is also removable. The metallic head cradle braces and the wooden head support both works well in your favour. Besides that, the design helps you to go for Reiki, the ancient Japanese method of massage helping to reduce stress and provide relaxation.

Other Accessories

If you buy this massage table you’ll get a semi-circular bolster, oil pouch, oil bottle, towel hanger, 2nos. one way face cradle sheets. All of them will come handy when you’ll go for taking a massage on the table.

The Maintenance

To make your table clean and fresh after using every once or twice you need to clean the cushions with mild soapy water. Then you can rinse the table with a dry towel.


  • check Easy to set up and tear down after use.
  • check Convenient adjustable height and easy to use.
  • check Can be folded and stored nicely under the beds or closets.


  • Mainly for home use will not use for a professional masseuse or massage therapists.
  • ban Ideal for persons weighs less than 200lbs.

Following these entire aspects one thing you will agree with me that it is one of the best folding massage tables. You’ll be happy to have this of your own.

3. Saloniture Massage Table – best professional massage table

Massage is one of the most convenient ways to get relief from stress, pains and stiffness. Without taking medicines, a proper massage can help you to relieve all these problems with an ease and boost your energy once again to make you fit after a tiring day out. But to have a proper massage you need a proper place, which means a proper massage table. In this case, what is better than Saloniture Professional portable folding Massage Table is it personal or professional use. This is probably the best professional massage table. Now let’s go and have a careful look on it.

Features for Your Consideration

This massage therapy table is made from a steady hardwood frame which makes the table sturdy and the double tension knobs on each leg for extra stability. Altogether, these both features provide the necessary strength and durability.

The Multiple Functions

This table has a multi-positioning system that allows you to get a different kind of massages and provide you the comfort as well as relaxation what you need at that moment. All the sections of this table are easy to adjust so that you can not only be relieved but also enjoy the massage session. Besides that, there is an arm sling under the headrest and a winged armrest both work for repositioning of the clients to give them comfort. Moreover, the adjustable headrest of this massage table with a premium aluminum support system is a special feature to look out.

You’ll also get a carrying case including shoulder straps and a side pocket to carry oils and other vital things. The best part of this table is you can virtually detach all the accessories if required. This makes it very easy to carry around when travelling to and from different clients.

The Upholstery

This massage table top has luxurious PU synthetic leather cover with 2.5” of thick high- density foam. This PU leather is eco-friendly and oil and water resistant. Apart from that, it is softer than PVC and has no weird smell. Besides that, its face pillow has 3” foam with removable cover.


  • check Height can be adjusted from 24.5” to 35.5”.
  • check The durable hardwood frame and PU synthetic leather give this table a luxurious look.
  • check It is highly portable.


  • Shorter backrest may create a problem for some people.
  • ban Some of its accessories are hard to improvise.

Finally, all I can say, that this is one of the best home massage table for an affordable price to provide you the comfort and relief what you expect after a daylong hard-working commitment.

4. BestMassage PU – One of The best massage table brand

Massage is one of the most important works that you need to follow to keep yourself fit and away from every kind of stress, pains, and tightness. If you want to go for a perfect massage then all you need to buy a good massage table. But there are so many massage tables available in the marketplace and it is not easy to select the best one. In my opinion, BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table is the best massage table brand that fulfils your need and gives you comfort that you need much.

Features that make this massage table one of the best

This table is made from high- quality beech hardwood. This table is extremely sturdy and takes quite a bit of abuse. It is size 73”x28” and the height is adjustable from 24” to 33”. But the length of face cradle is 84” and the width with armrest is 36”. It means you can take a massage with full ease and comfort. Not only is that, the masseuses also get the same feeling while giving massage to their clients.

The Cushioning

The top of the table is covered by PU leather materials which are waterproof, oil resistant and easy to clean. The padding on this massage table top is made from 2.5” high- density foam which comes with small cell texture which means it is not going to flatten early and also gives you enough comfort while taking a massage.

The Accessories

This massage table comes with highly useful and personal accessories like detachable cushions that make it very easy to fold even unfold without having a bulky gadget to carry around. Apart from that, this table includes a removable forward armrest and a removable and adjustable face cradle with pad, extenders for the arms.

The Function

During a massage, the headrest can tilt up at about 30° and down about 90°. It can also be raised about 3” and the lowest horizontal position is about an inch above the table. When the table is in use, the legs lock in place. The cabling system opposing tension on the legs and prevent them from releasing unless you fold the table. You can also use this table for eyelash attaching and facials.


  • check Has convenient adjustable height making it ideal for everyone.
  • check Highly portable and comes with convenient carry case.
  • check Very durable, even won’t wear out with constant use.


  • The lower price can draw some concerns to the buyers.
  • ban A bit narrow for large clients.

Despite having few concerns this massage table works as promised without any difficulty and error which make this table highly recommendable. All I can say that this is the best lightweight portable massage table for your domestic and professional use.

5. SierraComfort Basic Portable Massage Table, Black

Do you want to own a massage table to get massages the moment you need? Do you want to have a massage table that comes in handy with all the features which you expect to see? Do you want to buy a massage table at a price that you can afford easily? So many questions, one solution- SierraComfort Basic Portable Massage Table black. This is one of the best folding massage tables which is useful for you in every aspect but at a very cheap cost. Now it is time to have a look at the benefits what you’re going to get if you buy this portable massage table for your personal use.

Features for Your Consideration

This is one of the lower cost massage table available in the marketplace to attract those who are looking for a product under their budget. To cut back the costs, this portable massage table is designed to be the basic product, but you have no need to be worried about the quality of this product. This 73”x28”x23”-33” (adjustable) sized table is made of Beech hardwood that helps this table to be sturdy enough and durable too. Moreover, the weight of this table is not more than 36lbs but it can easily carry the weight of 450lbs which is good to have.

The Upholstery

The top of the table is covered by PU leather which is soft, smooth, oil and water resistant and most importantly easy to clean. The 2” high-density foam that is used as padding here provides you the maximum comfort while you are taking a massage.

Other Facilities

Though this table does not have some much – needed accessories or any packing case, it is easily transportable with the help of premium carry handles and also you’ll get premium stitching to give the table a complete finish.


  • check Made of sturdy and durable hardwood.
  • check Low cost, affordable for most people.
  • check 5 years warranty.


  • Fewer accessories make it unpopular for those who want quality services.
  • ban Not for professional use.

Despite not having many accessories, the one thing of this portable massage table certainly draws most of the people’s attention is the price. There are many people who want to have a massage table for its personal use but cannot afford money; this massage table is for them. If you one of them, then go and have one for yourself.

6. Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Sometimes the name of a product suggests a lot about the quality and the utility of it. You can make an idea of what service you are going to get from this product by its name. Here, Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table is exactly that kind of product that provides unmatched comfort compared with other expensive massage equipment. This is the type of table what you’re looking for your personal, and; obviously for professional use. Because it has everything, in fact, a bundle with a portable table, sheets, and accessories you would need to deliver excellent massage therapy.

Best Professional Massage Tables Features

Like most of the massage tables, this table is also made from the best quality of Beech hardwood which makes it sturdy and durable. This 72”x 28”x 33” sized table can take a load of 450lbs which means it is strong enough to make you less worried about the capacity and strength of this massage table. The cable system of coated tension wires connects the leg supports for superior strength and extreme durability.

The Cushioning

The sheets that are included with this portable massage table are made from 100% cotton to give you the ultimate luxury and the 2.5” high density best quality soft foam cushion give you such ease and comfort that once you lay on it for massaging you wish the session would not have an end. Apart from that, this table is perfect for facials and eyelash attachments.

Other Accessories

This massage table comes with some fantastic accessories that make you glad to have this. This table includes a cradle for the face, which can be easily removed if you have no need of that. There are also arm supports and an armrest which helps you to get a massage in a proper way. A towel hanger, semi-circular bolster, oil pouch, oil bottle and 2 one-use throwaway face cradle sheets are also included with this table. A carry case is provided to make this folding massage table is highly portable which you can carry to your clients place if you are a massage therapist.


  • check Ideal for home and professional use.
  • check Hardwood, tension wire cable system gives this table extreme durability.
  • check 5 years warranty free from any manufacturing defects.


  • This table does not raise or lower.
  • ban The cost seems little high to afford.

Whenever you buy something the reasonable price is one of your main points to be followed. But the sometimes quality of a product comes ahead of the price. The same thing is to be considered when you go for the Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table. The services what it provides you is hard to find in another massage table.

7. New Black 84” Portable Massage Table w/Free Carry Case T1 Chair Bed Spa Facial

The Requirements of Massage

Massage therapy has been known since ages to relieve stress, headaches, insomnia and speed healing from any kind of injuries. A proper massage can provides you the much- needed relaxation what you want to have after a hectic work schedule. Most of the time after coming back home, you have left with no mood to enjoy some quality time with your family and friends. This makes you an uneasy customer in your home. If you want to come out of this, you have to go to massage parlour before coming home or have take massage at your home personally.

The Place for Massage

Taking massage is not a job that can be done anywhere you want. For having a proper massage you need at least a massage table that provides you the comfort of the massage and will assist you in providing much-needed services. It means if you’re a professional masseuse then it is compulsory to have one to run your business properly. Even, tables can be carried to your client’s home to provide services. So, you need the perfect reviews of massage tables.

If you want to buy the best portable massage table at a reasonable price which not only gives you the comfort of massage but also provides you something extra for having equipped with some useful accessories, then without taking too much time to take the call you would go for New Black 64” Portable Massage Table w/ Free Carry Case T1 Chair Bed Spa Facial. This is one of the best fully featured and economical massage tables available all around at such an affordable price. This massage table is ideal for professional therapists, and also for those who want to have this for their personal use only. 

Features and Benefits of This Massage Table

This table frame is made from high-quality Beech hardwood that not only makes the table sturdy enough but also makes it durable. Besides that, this table can carry a load of 450 lbs without creating any problem. Most importantly, you can enjoy the relaxing massage on this hardwood constructed table and not worry all about it.

The Size

This portable massage table is normally 73” but 84” long with face cradle, 28” wide and the height can be adjusted any of between 24”-33”. The table weight of 30 lbs makes it easily portable.

The Upholstery

The table top is covered with soft and smooth PU leather material which is water and oil resistant and most precisely easy to clean. Moreover, the padding is made of 2.5” best quality high-density foam that never flattened easily to give you the best massaging experience. Once you lay down on it you would expect that the process must go on for a longer period.

The Accessories

This massage table is included with a movable face cradle with cushion, arm supports, and armrests. All these help you to feel the ease and comfort of massage and all these also can be removed in no time if you have no need of them. This massage table is also used for eyelash extensions and works perfectly.

Easy to Carry

This massage is easy to fold and also can be placed in a carrying case that comes with this table for easy transportation and storage. Even it can unfold and re-arrange again when you need to take a massage for yourself or give to your clients.


  • check The convenient and adjustable height makes it ideal for anyone.
  • check Highly portable and comes with a convenient carry case.
  • check Very durable and won’t wear out even with constant use.


  • It is a bit narrow for the plus-sized clients.
  • ban The low cost can scare away the potential buyers but nothing to worry it works just as fine as any best quality massage table.

So, considering the entire facts and finds one thing I must say that this massage table is surely going to make you satisfied with its service, strength, and durability. Therefore, don’t make the hesitation to own it.

The Utility of Massage Table

It is not that without having a massage table, you cannot take a massage. But a massage table is equipped with some systems that help you to get massage rather easily and perfectly than a normal way. Besides that the oil resistance soft sheet that is included allows you to feel comfortable, pampered and relaxed while you’re taking a massage.

Types of Massage Tables

At first glance, all massage tables might seem the same, but that is not true. There are some key differences that separate them from one to another. Now keeping in mind the factors like frame material, upholstery. And accessories you have to choose the type that works best for you.

There are mainly three types of massage tables that must draw your attention.

Portable Massage Tables

A portable massage table means a table that you can fold and fit easily and also light weighted (20 pounds app.) enough that you can carry easily from one place to another. The benefits of having a portable massage table are-

  1. A portable massage table is a convenient option to carry on a vacation or your friend’s house if you want to have a massage there also.
  2. Portable massage tables are comparatively cost less than other types of a massage table, so, it is easy to have one for your family.

But one thing you should keep in your mind before selecting this massage table that its many moving parts can make a lot of noise. Besides that, it also features a middle hinge that may not support larger individuals.

Despite having this problem, a portable massage table is the best option for home use; even it is also a good beginner for those who are training to be a massage therapist.

Stationary Massage Tables

This type of massage tables are heavier and sturdier and designed to stay in a single location. There are some plus points for having this massage table. These Are-

  1. In this type of table, there is no middle hinge. So it is a better choice for larger clients to have this stationary massage table.
  2. Some of the models of stationary massage table include some storage space for linens, bolsters, and other accessories which surely help you to keep your essential massaging tools at your hand during massage.
  3. This model is not the cheapest one to buy. But it is also not the costly affair too. So if you want to buy this, hope it doesn’t hurt your budget too much.

Before buying this table for your home or your clinic there are two things that you should keep in your mind. First, if you need to move this heavy table from one place to another then you would likely need at least one helper. Second, this kind of table usually doesn’t allow much adjustment. It means you cannot raise and lower it.

Finally, all I can say that a stationary massage table is a better option for professional use as it can accommodate a larger clientele than a portable one.

Hydraulic / Electric Massage Tables

A hydraulic or electric massage table is a combination of the first two types and surely going to attract you who may have difficulty climbing aboard. Because you can easily adjust the height of this type of table. There are a few more good things about this massage table. These Ares-

  1. This hydraulic or electric massage table is usually very sturdy and durable. But it is not easy to move until you get help from one more person.
  2. This massage table is more adjustable than any other type of massage table.

But this is an expensive one if you want to buy it for your personal use only. Moreover, this massage table often requires repair work which can be costly.

But this is a good option for office-bound professionals as many clients appreciate the adjustability of the height of this table.

The Size of a Massage Table

There are different sizes of massage tables available in the marketplace. It is up to you to select the right one with the width and height for your needs. Most of the massage tables available ranging from 73-77 inches of length, 28-35 inches in width and 20-36 in height. Though the width is not adjustable but you can raise or lower the table within a range of at least 10 inches. It means this kind of size of a massage table helps both the therapist and the receiver to get comfort during massage.

The Upholstery of Your Preference

Most of the massage tables use vinyl plastic as upholstery. This is strong, durable, water and oil resistant material but not an eco-friendly material. There are some other massage tables which use PU leather, a synthetic material which is very soft and durable. Moreover, it is an eco- friendly material and oil or water resistant.

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The Type of Padding You Will Get

A good massage table will have foam padding beneath the upholstery. Generally, high-density foam is OK for this kind of massage tables. But you should keep in mind that an ideal massage table should not have more than 3 inches padding.

The Frameworks

Generally, all the massage tables available all around have a wooden frame made from maple or beech hardwood. These give the table enough strength to carry weights of over 400lbs. On the other hand, there is a wrong belief that if a table is made from aluminium will be stronger. But, aluminium table is light enough to be portable, but it cannot carry a load as more as wood. Besides that, it is a proven fact that wooden construction is more durable than aluminium.

The Cable System

The cable system is another feature that provides strength to the massage table during use. The cable system on a portable massage table is usually of the same caliber and strength as you find in a car brake system. This cable system helps the massage table to take the maximum amount of load without any doubt.

The Guarantee

Different brand of massage tables come with different levels of guarantee and warranty. Some manufacturers offer 1 year, some tables, however, come with 3 years and some even have a lifetime warranty. But you should know that massage table manufacturers usually offer their guarantee and warranty on certain parts, such as wood, the cable system, the foam and the upholstery.

The Accessories You Would Find in Massage Table

Most of the massage tables come with some accessories that increase its utility and make the table more functional.

  1. Some massage tables come with bolsters which can be placed under the ankles and knees to keep them in the proper position.
  2. Some massage tables come with linens that are designed to protect the upholstery.
  3. There is a face cradle that provides a massage taker with a comfortable resting place for his or her face.

After learning a lot of factors of massage tables that should be considered before having one for you. Now it is time to have a close look at some of the products available in the marketplaces.

Here are the best lightweight massage tables which must help you to get some clear ideas about what makes a massage table the best for your purpose.

The Maintenance

If you want to have a longer service from your massage table, you have to keep him in proper condition. No product can work well if you use or keep it carelessly. So there are some tips that you need to follow.

  1. Clean your massage table immediately after every use to avoid germs. All you need to wipe down with a mild solution of soapy water and then rub it gently to dry with a dried and clean towel.
  2. Keep checking regularly your massage table to see any kinds of mechanical problems. Pay particular attention to the frame, braces, and legs to see if there are any sign of damage.
  3. Periodically move the face cradle to the opposite end. This helps prevent one end of the table Store your table carefully when it is not in use.
  4. Keep your table under cover to protect it from possible tears, rips, and spills.

Finally, I have come to an end of my all descriptions and reviews of the top rated portable massage table. All of them are not only provide you the best massage service to give you the comfort that you need badly at the time when you’re tired, stressed and tensed, but also come at an affordable price. Now you’ve no reason to miss out on getting the best massage experience. Apart from that, there are some diseases which can be treated through massage therapies. Moreover, a proper massage can improve your blood circulation, reduce muscles tension and also helps you to breathe better.

All you need to select the best lightweight massage table which can provide you the best massage at your own place. Those who are working as a professional massage therapist these portable massage table will help you to provide better services to the clients at your own place, even you can give the therapy at his place by carrying this folded light weighted massage table anywhere you want. In today’s date when healthy living is the main criteria and you’re seriously looking for to have fit body and mind, the massage is one of the best options to fulfill your desire. Go have your desire to be fulfilled.

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