10 Best Foot Massager Machine Reviews And Buying Guide 2021

Best Foot Massager Machine Reviews

The face is the ruler. A person, most of the time initially is judged by the face. A face draws attention, wins others heart, speaks out to express itself. But very often we forget to consider the values of feet. As an obedient member it runs, walks and even stands for hours and hours carrying your body’s load. No matter where you are, but as long as you are awake your feet are always ready for your service. As a result, the condition of your feet starts getting bad to worse. The situation will be more miserable when no one in your house to just rub your feet to get some relief. Occasionally, you complain about your aching feet, pain, and tensions on your feet, stiffness at your calf and knees. Moreover, tired and weary body and mind need something to get relaxed. The stress makes you as a drooping figure at the end of the day. At this state of body and mind, you need to be serious about all these things to keep yourself fit and free from fatigue.

Comparison Table of 10 Best Foot Massager Machine

Sl. No.


Product Our Rating Price

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager With Switchable Heat Function


F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat 


Shiatsu Foot Massager for Painful Plantar Fasciitis, Chronic and Nerve Pain


uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager 2.0, Red


Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep-Kneading


Naipo Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat Tapping Rolling and Air Compression


ZENY Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Foot Leg Calf Massager Massage Machine


Naipo Leg Compression Massager for Foot and Calf Circulation Massage


“Sol” Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager


“Reflex-4” Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

The Way of Relief

If you really want to get relief from these problems then, massage is the best way for that. Especially best foot massager machine is the unique idea that provides the complete relief from stress and pain, revive lost energy, release toxins, improve blood circulation, and change your moods in the positive direction.  Foot massage has been practiced from ancient civilizations to promote the well being of people. This therapy was considered as one of the best ideas for reducing stress and anxiety. Even nowadays the massaging idea is garnering rapidly. Because people are now looking for the alternative way to avoid the side effects of medicines as long as they can. Now let’s have a look what you get from having a foot massage.


We all have several acupuncture points at our feet. One of them is solar plexus reflex. It is an important point where all the stress of your body is stored. Through massaging once the solar plexus is pressed you can feel that all your stress is released and the anxiety is gone. In this way, you can feel the freshness of your body and mind.

Improve Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is the most important function in our body. This works to transport oxygen and other important nutrients to almost every cell of your body. Not only that, blood circulation also helps to remove waste materials and toxins from your body. But when you’re in stress the blood circulation of your body becomes slow and all these processes are hampered. Only the foot massage is the most effective way that will help you to reduce stress and normalize the blood circulation rate.

State of Balance

The well being of your body and mind depends a lot upon the functions of every system of your inner body. If all the systems keep proper balance with each other and work in harmony, then you will definitely feel relaxed. In that case, foot massage is one of the best ways to help you to achieve that kind of good health.

Energy Recurrence

Foot massage is an ideal way to get back the energy that you’ve lost for a daylong hard working and stress and tensions. When you allow your feet to be rubbed and pressed, all the blockage of blood vessels gets released which holds your energy so far. As a result, you can restore the energy to go back to your normal life once again.

The Immunity

Immunity is a kind of feature which protects your body from many diseases to keep you well. It is known to very few people that stress is also one of the reasons behind many harmful diseases. Foot massage is one of the key factors that help to reduce stress and provides you the important immunity to fight against different types of muscle and nerve related diseases.

The Injuries

After having a foot injury foot massage is an ideal way to decrease pain, even it can heal the injured area. In this way, a best electric foot massager can reduce any possibility of cramps that may create the problems in your movement.  

One Device, Many Solutions

In the past, people used to give massage by applying hand’s pressure on the body and only the experts could do that. But now the time has changed, in this busy schedule, most of the people do not have enough time to go to a spa or to any professional massager to have some massage. If the situation is like that Foot Massager is one of the best substitutes of human hands. It is ready to give you the best massage to your feet which is effective to your whole body. A foot massager provides you the necessary relief from both physical and mental tiredness that you need sometimes badly.

What is a Foot Massager Machine?

Best foot massager machine is a kind of an electrical device that helps you to provide massage which is important for you to get relief from different types of problems associated with muscles and nerves. Owning a foot massager means, an investment with double benefits. In one way it helps you to get relief in the home without going to a specialist and in another way, it saves money what you would have paid for a spa for the same treatment. This massaging tool takes your comfort to a new level from where the tiredness and stress are left behind that you had achieved from a day long hard work and you may have a fresh start all again to relish the free time along with your family.

Features of  Best Foot Massager Machine for Plantar Fasciitis

Now you need to look into the features which are generally available in a foot massager:


Heat is one of the most important features that provide you the best massaging experience that you need badly when you return home from your working place. The moment you put your feet into a foot massager the heat starts diffusing from your feet to the rest of your body. Especially during winter, this feature is like one kind of gift which provides you an overwhelming feeling of comfort and wellness.


This is not such a feature that you may consider as a unique one as it is commonly seen almost in every electric foot massager. But if you have a look you will feel this helps to stimulate your feet quite well. All you need to select the intensity of your choice.


This is considered as another most useful massaging process after vibration. Kneading method means the change of direction of massage in every interval. In this way, you can feel the touch of real hand massage which is the most desired way to get relaxation through a massager.


Considering in mind the size of your feet and the area where do you need to be massaged there are three shapes of foot massagers. One is flat. It works at the bottom of your feet. The next one targets the two sides of the feet and the third one wraps your entire feet to give you a whole feet massage.


In almost every device there is a special feature which really makes the device as your personal property. Like the area which you target, the heat which you really need or not, and finally what speed do you need for yourself. Having all these adjustments means, you can use this device personally without sharing with others.


This is certainly an essential part of a foot massager to provide the device a longer life. I mean, if you want to get the service of this device for a longer period then you have to use it in a systematic way. If each of your massage session lasts for 15-20 minutes daily unless you have some kind of particular health problem, then you can enjoy the treat of massage for a longer session.


Some of the foot massagers are designed with a cushioned surface at the place where you keep your feet. This cushion is made of soft foam or flexible plastic pad. This cushion pad gives the comfort to your feet which converts into the relaxation of your whole body.


Sometimes you need to change the setting of your device as per your requirement. So in every massager, there is a control button. But in some devices, the button is situated on the body of the device, which means you have to bend down for every adjustment. However, some of the costly massagers include remote control so that you can easily change the setting.


An ideal foot massager should be wide and long enough to accommodate your feet. Especially if you have larger feet then you need an open-ended massager.

Massaging Action

There are two types of function generally you get in a massager. One is for simple relaxation, which usually foot spas deliver using bubbles and simple massaging tools. The other one is muscle- healing machines that have nodes and heat to provide you deep shiatsu type of massage.

Extra Features

If you’re looking for a foot massager which has one or two extra feature, then you should go for a massager with heater and water jets to get maximum benefits.

The People Who are Benefitted

There are people from different fields suffering from many types of health issues are clearly and greatly benefitted by foot massagers. They are-


Those who are professionally engaged in different sports are the worst sufferer of pain, muscle pull. The workload what their feet use to take during the game on is sometimes beyond the limit. As a result, muscle soreness, fatigue is the two problems that natural. A regular foot massage not only helps to reduce injuries but also restores the posture and improves the flexibility which is compulsory for a sportsperson.

People with Poor Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation in legs is the reason behind tiredness, fatigue and aching legs. The person who suffers from all this due to over workload may try foot massager. It helps to warm up the muscles of feet increases the blood flow and improve the blood circulation in the legs as well.

People Suffering fromJoint Pain

Muscle stiffness and joint pain in legs the two things that make older people crying a lot. No painkiller or ointment provides them a prolonged relief. Only the gentle massage from a foot massager works on the inner structures to restore the synovial fluids and improve the muscle motion along with the flexibility.

People Suffering fromArthritis

Sore joints and muscles and the stiffness these two problems are the common symptoms of arthritis. The people who suffer a lot for having this problem cannot find any solace from medicines. But a foot massager helps to soothe sore joints and muscles and also improves the movement of your limbs.

People Having Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a disease that happens at the bottom of your feet. It may cause continuous pain at your heel for inflammation. Only a regular foot massage can reduce the pain and give you some relief.

People withEdema

Sometimes, especially in women, it is commonly seen the painful swollen feet and legs due to holding fluids at the bottom of the feet. This happens for wearing high heel shoes which leads them to this common problem called Edema (a blood clot in veins). Only a daily foot massage is very helpful in this case.

Types of Foot Massagers

There are various types of foot massager available in the market and you have to choose the type you need which is not an easy job. Keeping that in mind I select three types of foot massagers to make your work easy. That are-

Manual Foot massager

This is the most economical device available in the market. It is just a simple tube placed under your feet. Its rolling action uses to massage the soft tissues of the feet. In this way, you get relief from stress, fatigue, and soreness. Not only that, you can manually adjust the device as per your need and also you can localize the point of your feet to get the massage.

Electric Foot Massage

This foot massager works automatically with the help of electricity. This device is mainly equipped with rollers. All you need to place your feet on the massager and turn the power on. At once you’ll get the massaging effects at the soft tissues of the feet which surely going to reduce your stress and you’ll feel much relaxed than before.

Foot Spa

This is another type of foot massager which runs on electricity and also water and heats the two essential parts of it. This massager is really come up to reduce chronic pain, and also helps to relax the muscles and joints.

So, after having a long discussion about the various aspects of foot massagers, I hope an interest of having anyone of a device is certainly grows in your mind. But it is not an easy job to select one among many. Keeping that in mind I’m now going to present you the 10 best foot massagers machine at your affordable budget but provide nothing less what you have asked for.

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Top 10 Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis – 2018

#1 Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager – best electric foot massager

On the way returning from office, a dream sequence may come to you that someone is rubbing your legs and feet. But alas! The reality is often is too far from the illusion. Your tired body and mind badly need of that but you could not ask anyone at your home to do that. Even your time and budget do not allow you to go to a spa or to a professional massager. In this situation what you should do? Is there any alternative to provide you the healing touch? Yes, in this situation you can depend upon a foot massager. Especially, you may call upon Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager. This is one of the best and famous foot massagers that you can trust on to get all kind of relief what are you looking for at that time. Come on, let’ see what this device has to offer you.

The Product

The Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager is an excellent device which is made not only to give you a therapeutic massage but also help you to save money. Because if you own this device, it means, you have no need to go to a spa or take an appointment with any professional massager. It is your home, which will turn into a spa for you and you can take massage any day anytime.

Kneading Massage Nodes

This is one of the unique features which made Belmint foot massager different from other devices. It is equipped with 48 powerful deep kneading massage nodes which do not omit any point of your feet untouched and give you a whole massaging experience what sometimes you miss in a spa.

Selectable Heating

A massage with heat! Obviously a unique idea. This foot massager is designed with built-in heat So that, you can give your cold feet a warm welcome during the winters and also provide you the soothing massage to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Not only that the select mode is there to control the heat function as your preference.

Auto Shut-Off

This device has a special feature of auto-shut off in every 15 mins. It means your device is fully safe from any kind of overheat and power problems. So you’ve no need to take tension even if you forget to off the switch.

Selectable Pressure

There are 5 different types of pressure levels available in this device. This means you’ll get a massage of your own choice. Gentle pressure for massage only while intense air pressure for squeezing your feet. In both cases, you’ll get the much-needed comfort for having normal blood circulation in the legs.

How to Use

This foot massager is very simple to use. From older to minor everybody can handle it. You have to plug the adapter into any outlet. Put your feet inside the foot beds after removing socks. Then let the power on, adjust the heat and pressure levels. Finally, when your massager is on, all you need to do is sit back and relax and enjoy the massage magic.

  • check48 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes to provide the bottom of your feet deep rub.
  • checkHeating options using infra red light to warm your feet especially during winters.
  • check5-levels intensity of air pressure to squeezes your feet to stimulate blood control.
  • checkSuitable for any size of feet.
  • 1.Kneading function is too high.
  • 2.The power cord is too short.

#2 F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

It is clearly evident by looking your face that you have a tough day at the office. I suppose you have to take a lot of pressure both physically and mentally throughout the day to put all the pieces together. At the end of the day when everything is finally OK, you are not looking in a sound situation to enjoy with your family. All you need something or someone who’ll rub your feet to try to provide you the much-needed relaxation. At this condition hopefully the Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat is the best option to give you the desired result. Let’s have a look what is inside it.

The Device

This sophisticated looking full-covered footbed type compact designed foot massager is not only a useful product that soothes and energize your feet and soles, but also a great looking device is fit for any kind of room décor. It completely surrounds your feet and ankles to give massage to your entire feet that revive your tired feet in no time. Moreover, the percussion massage provides incredible refreshment to your soles that you wish to repeat the therapy again and again.

The Shiatsu Rollers

This Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat by Brookstone is equipped with two deep-kneading massage rollers following Shiatsu technique is made to provide you the release from stiffness and tightness of the muscles of your feet and legs. This also stimulates the reflexology zone of your feet. As a result, you’ll get a relaxed body and mind after a daylong hard work.

Selectable Heat

A massage with heat is always a fantastic idea. In this device, you’ll get exactly the same service which helps to relax not only your feet but your whole body as well. There is a button to control the heat of your need to get the relaxed feet.

Optional Vibration

Vibration is an important way of massage that really helps you to get deeper relaxation. Moreover, there are three intensities of vibrations-low, medium and high. You can choose anyone of them with the help of backlit control panel.

Air Massage

This device has a special feature of dynamic air squeeze massage. Once you put your feet down into the footpads the air inside will start squeezing your feet to reduce tension. Apart from that, you can select the massager among three programmes (Soothe, Pulse, and Energize) considering your need.

Clean and Tidy

Whatever you use that should be looked tidy. This device is built-in cord wrap. This helps the device to keep tidy. When you’re using a product you must know how to clean and maintain it. The zip out linings helps the device for easy cleaning.

  • checkEquipped with Air Compressor.
  • checkThree pre-set massage settings.
  • checkHeat option.
  • checkPortable and lightweight.
  • No remote, you need to bend yourself to operate the button.
  • Heat and vibration are little low.

#3 Shiatsu Foot Massager for Painful Plantar Fasciitis, Chronic and Nerve Pain

This is for those who are engaged in such jobs which need you to be very active to your feet for 10-12 hrs a day. At the end of the day foot pain, sore heels are the two common problems that even make you cry. Tiredness and fatigue sap all of your energy.

Plantar Fasciitis is a disease that happens at the bottom of the feet to the people who put a lot of pressure on the feet continuously for standing at long working hours. As a result, a continuous pain at heel for inflammation, swollen feet etc occurs. So, you need a foot massager for plantar fasciitis.

These two scenarios what I have discussed so far are not an illusion but a reality that is suffered by many people around us. Now the question is what is the way to get a relief? Where the cure lies? The only answer is a foot massager. Especially, Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager is the best among the bests. Let’s have some specific discussions about this device.

The Device

This is a powerful, portable and affordable device that provides deep kneading Shiatsu foot massage at your tired and aching feet so well that only a professional can do. Apart from that, it will help you to get relief from stress, improves blood circulation and reduces tensions of muscles.

The design

This device is well- designed to use anywhere either you sitting on your desk or couch. Because it’s adjustable angle fits for any chair and it is also height adjustable to provide more comfort.

Kneading Massage Nodes

This device is a machine which has 6 massage heads and 18 kneading nodes under soft mesh work on the acupuncture points of your feet only to deliver a great comforting massage to each of your feet.

The Heating Options

Heat is certainly a better option while having a massage. It helps you to relax the tired muscles, improve blood circulation at your legs and give you the comfort for which you are waiting for so long. The heat function can be turned on or off during your massage session.

The Shiatsu Massage Technique

The ancient Japanese Shiatsu massage technique is adapted in this device which follows the circular motion to apply pressure on the specific areas of your feet to give you relief from the tightness of muscles, tension and allow you to get the most wanted soothe and relax.

Portability and Versatility

This device is portable enough to carry anywhere along with you. Be it your office or any kind of tour you would have no problem to take it with you. Besides that, you can place it under your table or desk easily. This versatile device can give you the necessary massage while you’re watching TV or reading and writing something.

  • checkPortable, lightweight and easy to use.
  • check18 kneading Shiatsu rollers for deep tissue massage.
  • checkAngle and height is adjustable to be fitted for any place.
  • checkOptional heat allows the user to take own choice.
  • Heating options are too high to bear with.
  • The power cord is too short to move freely while taking the massage.

#4 uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager 2.0, Red

In today’s busy world when you always have to be on your feet, it is impossible to keep your feet free from any kind of pain or other difficulties. Walking or standing for hours put an overload of pressure on your feet so that you can easily affect with fatigue and tiredness. Sometimes the situation becomes so terrible that your body and mind give up having even any fun with your family and friends. In this situation, you have to find something that can give you the necessary support to get over the condition. Possibly, foot massage is one of the best ideas to get out of trouble easily and perhaps economically. Among the best foot massager available in the market there is one product that fits the bill is uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager 2.0 red.

The Device

It’s different. There are several differences between uComfy and other foot massagers. One of them is that the uComfy device does not have any foot pad, but this device has a massaging machine placed under your feet. This only to provide you the whole massage to your feet from top to bottom. Besides that, this device well designed and beautiful red colored body, surely attract your eyes.

Types of Massage

This foot massager provides two types of massage

1. Kneading Type This Shiatsu type massage provides you deep tissue massage to reduce fatigue and sore heel problems. One unique thing that this device has the change of direction of the kneading in every few minutes. It means this massager can touch every point of your feet to give you the maximum relief.

2. Vibration type – This device has some rolling balls that placed inside the footbeds. The balls along with the air pressure work as a vibrator to deliver you the acupressure massage around your feet to soothe not only your feet but your entire body get the experience of real massage. Moreover, aching feet, muscle tightness, these two problems are also being solved through this type of massage.

The Heating Options

You can get the massage in both ways- with heat or without heat. If you want to warm your tired feet then just you need to push the button ‘on’. In this way, you can loosen your stiff muscles and increase your relaxation level. If you want no heat but only air pressure to comfort your feet, then press the ‘off’ button. Sometimes you need a combined massage and the device is always ready to provide that.

Intensity Level

You may have the massage at your comfort level as this device has 5 different types of intensity levels for your preference. Gradually you can increase the level during a massaging session with the help of a button located on the center console.


This foot massager is made of a kind of durable nylon provides it a longer life. Apart from that, this is easy to clean one. All you need a damp cloth to wipe it gently. The foot covers are removable via Zappers and the rubber stand is for keeping the device in place while you’re relaxing.  

  • checkA great range of massage functions.
  • checkMassages every side of feet.
  • checkAir pressure and kneading rollers combine to give a total massage.
  • checkHeating option an turn on and off as per user’s choice.
  • checkAuto shut-off I every 15 mins protect the device from further damage.
  • Cord is not enough long to move anywhere.
  • Pressure level 5 may be too hard for some users.
  • banLarger feet do not fit well.

#5 Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep-Kneading, Multi-Level Settings, And Switchable Heat Charcoal Grey

Let’s bring back the joy home. But is it possible after a daylong hard work and having all kind of stress, tensions? Your working commitments make you stand, walk, even run throughout the day. Sitting for a long time in a single posture is also not a very healthy affair. Therefore, after following all these, I don’t think to have a smile when I go back to home. At this stage of time when you’re tired enough, you desperately need something or someone to give at least a rub to your feet to make you feel relaxed. Forget about someone let’s find out the ‘something’ to get the much-needed relief from different types of ailments related to your muscles and nerves. The only thing that could deliver to improve this condition is a foot massager. And the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager with Deep Kneading is the ideal one for you. Have look what is inside it.

The Device

The Miko Shiatsu foot massager is one of the best home massage systems.  This powerful Shiatsu foot massager works applying air pressure to give you the feeling of spa or salon. The light and deep kneading foot massage provide your aching feet a relief. The independent foot chambers give you the shiatsu massage to every side of your feet.

The Design

This device is well designed and extremely sleek device to give you massage while you are working at your office or relaxing at your home. This is a portable and compact unit which can be carried anywhere along with you and enjoy the advantages of foot massage. Even you can keep it under the sofa or bed after use.

The Miko Shiatsu foot massager has brought few unique features that definitely draw your attention towards it if you’re seriously considering having one for your home. Let’s explore.

Foot Chambers

This device has two separate foot chambers that provide you the experience of shiatsu massage not only to the bottom but also the both sides of your feet.

Kneading Rollers

The rollers at the bottom of the device are there to provide you deep kneading massage that gives comfort to the tissues of your feet. Not only that, the stress level also is reduced after having this massage.


The natural vibrations what this creates give your tired and aching feet a soothing relief.


This is one of the best features to get the proper massage. Because it is the heat that helps you to loosen the ligaments and muscles of your feet give you a well-desired relaxation. Moreover, you may adjust the heat as you need with the help of central control panel’s soft touch button.

Air Pressure

This is to provide you a total massaging experience. Air pressure works to press and rub perfectly at every point of your feet even the tough areas also to improve the blood circulation at the entire legs. Including that, there are 5 pressure intensity levels that allow you to select your preference. But you should start off with low-intensity level and then gradually increase the intensity for adjustment with the pressure.

  • checkWireless Remote control.
  • checkDifferent range of massaging experience.
  • checkCustomized massage setting.
  • checkCompact and easy to clean.
  • checkAuto shut-down in 15 mins.
  • Pressure levels seem very hard to some users.
  • High cost than another device.

#6 Naipo Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat Tapping Rolling and Air Compression

End of the day. Your working commitment is over at least for today. Now you’re heading towards home. Your tiredness is clearly evident. Possibly, your feet are aching and the pain is gradually increasing. So what you are thinking to do? Would you like to go to a spa to take massage and get some refreshment? I think this kind of idea may be piped in your mind. But this makes your wallet much thinner than before and later you’ll be little unhappy with yourself. Why don’t you think to have a foot massager at your home? This could provide you the kind of massage what you expect from a professional masseuse at anywhere and anytime of the day and obviously far below the cost than a spa. And I also know you always buy not less than the best. So now I feel proud to present you Naipo Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine, it’s really the BEST. Let’s open the box.

The Device

The unique thing about this product is that it is world’s first foot massager with tapping function. It means, this device generates vibrations like tapping pattern as pulse and wave continuously. Besides that, the device provides you the deep kneading massage with heat and the selected air pressure squeeze your feet to get the total massaging experience and let your stress and tension be gone, give you relief from muscle pain, stiffness,  and a sore heel. Thus, your body and mind get a new energy that you feel much better and love to have fun with your close ones.

This one of the best leg massagers has some very exciting and excellent features that surely make you think about it. Among them-

Tapping Function 

This device gives you a unique type of vibration that you would get a tapping feeling around your feet. This continuous and three types of vibrations really help you to get rid of pain and aching of your feet, remove plantar fasciitis, revive your lost energy and make your body relaxed.

Kneading Rollers 

The kneading rotating rollers provide you deep shiatsu tissue massage to get relief from aches and knots.

Heating Options

If you’re provided heat with massage means, an ice on the cake. The selectable heat allows you to get soothing muscles. The loosen muscles to release tightness and make you feel relaxed. Especially, you can warm your feet during winter.

Air pressure

This is another great item the device offers you. The air pressure reaches the tough areas of your feet and squeeze deep into your sole and gives you a feeling of total massage. Moreover, the three different levels of air pressure give you the opportunity to select the intention what you prefer at that time. Having all these improves your metabolism, allow you to have a good sleep.

The Massaging Combination 

This foot massager provides you three different types of massaging combination which probably no other device could. The first one is –airbag + tapping + heating. The second one is –airbag + tapping + kneading + rolling. And the third one is – airbag + heating + rolling. Any of them, work on your feet to create wonders by reducing your most of the problems and make you a relieved person.


This device is covered with washable clothes. You only need to remove the cloth via zippers and clean it to make sure about the hygiene that protects your feet from getting infected.

  • checkThe tapping function.
  • checkMultiple massage modes.
  • checkWashable cover.
  • checkAuto shut-off mode.
  • checkAdjustable heating system.
  • Pressure level seems hard to some users.
  • Cost is rather higher than other device due to multiple benefits.

#7 ZENY Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Foot Leg Calf Massager Massage Machine Personal Health Studio Leg Beautician

Throughout the day your working commitments have taken a toll on our body and mind. The most affected part of your body is feet. Muscle tension, aching, stiffness, pain all these things are gripped tightly your tired feet. Your mental status is not in such situation to relish some light moments with your near and dear ones. At this condition, all you need a perfect massage in the home which only could provide by a foot massager. Not only feet but the ankle and calves also need some healing touch. Possibly ZENY Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Foot Leg Calf Massage Machine is one of the best electric foot massager options you can try to get relief. Now let’s have a look at this machine what offer it has for us.

The Machine

You can easily consider this machine as a practice of strong hands of an expert of ancient Asian massage technique. Really, the way it takes care of both the calves and feet, the various types of massage it delivers perhaps only an expert professional can do all these. The selectable heating options provide you the warmth what you need during the massage to loosen the stiff muscles. Now let’s discuss the features what this one of the best foot and calf massager machine are equipped with.

The Design

This machine is well designed to mimic the massage system of ancient Asia. It also follows the reflexology theories to provide you the best massaging experience at your place.

The Massage Modes 

The ZENY leg massager comes with three types of massage modes-Kneading, shiatsu, and rolling. The first option offers you the nodes placed under your feet give the deep tissue massage to reduce tightness of muscle and stimulates the sensitive areas to give you the soothing relief. Shiatsu massage, the ancient Japanese technique is well adapted by this machine means, you can get the massage with heat to loosen the muscles and in this way, your physical and mental tiredness will be no more. This made you more energizer despite doing enough hard work all the day. The rolling massage means the rollers under the feet to rub your feet to feel you the hands of your near ones pressing gently to your feet to give you the relaxation.

The Heating Options

This massager gives you three levels of infrared heating options for your preference to reduce the stress and tensions by loosening the muscles. You may select the level as you need.

The Intensity

This machine provides you three intensity levels of massage for your choice. But you should start with low setting and then gradually up the level to adjust your feet with the type of massage easily. All these help you to improve your blood circulation to keep your heart mostly out of danger.

The Calves

Unlike many other machines this one not only works on feet but sometimes, it takes care of your calves too. The three intensity of calf massage to get the different problems be solved easily.

  • checkCalves are also get massage in this machine.
  • checkThe massage technique follows the ancient Asian therapy.
  • check15 mins auto shut-down mode.
  • checkCovers are easy to clean.
  • The intensity levels are higher for some users. They are advised to start with the lowest setting.
  • The machine is little noisy.

#8 Naipo Leg Compression Massager for Foot and Calf Circulation Massage Air Leg Wraps

Your lifestyle is one of the main reasons behind your bad health condition and poor mental status. Your working commitments, social and family relations dominate your body and mind. As a result, after handling all these, your mind gives up to take decisions on a right note and gradually you’ll be gone under the influence of physical and mental fatigue. Perhaps a massage is the best idea in this situation. Especially, a foot massager is a unique thing that helps you to reduce your stress and fatigue, allow you to get relief pains from legs to feet, normalize the blood circulation of your body and give you the benefits of a deep sleep. If you want all these lucrative items in one plate, all you have need to buy a foot massager for your home. The Naipo Leg Compression Massager for Foot and Calf is one of the best foot and calf massager for your service. Now let’s see what is inside it.

The Machine

Naipo Air Compression Leg Wraps is a device that not only looks after your feet but also takes care of your legs and calves as well. The massager provides you the cyclical air compression to your legs and you could feel the relaxation in your body and mind. Come take a look the features of this device.

The Design 

This specifically designed leg air massager is made of a durable and dirt free product that makes it a long-lasting. Besides that, the Velcro design of the leg wrappers allows to fit normally to your legs. In this way, you can have an experience of proper massage.

The Massage 

This device provides you the cyclic air compression. It means, the air pressure what you get inside the device is rotated upside down to give you the full massage from your feet to calf areas. This one of the best leg compression massager certainly helps you to get rid of all kind of pain and fatigue related to your body.

The Heat 

Though the heating options are commonly seen in the most of the devices but here the heat would roll on from calf to your feet in no doubt is a unique idea. This helps you by loosens muscles. Thus the blood circulation of not only your legs but of your entire body gets normalize and you’ll be stress-free soon. Considering this in your mind you can easily refer it as the best leg massager.

Change of Modes and Levels

This device provides you the 2 modes of heating options and the 3 levels of intensity to for your personalization. Now you can adjust and set this machine as per your own need to get the maximum refreshment by reducing the fatigue and pain.

The Safety 

Though it is a safe machine for most of people, but those who are suffering from heart ailments, skin diseases or some kind of bone related issues are requested to take advice your doctor before using this massager.

The Important Instructions 

The two-hole connectors should be properly inserted into the respective holes marked as ‘L’ and ‘R’ to make this device to start. If you plugged in only the hose connectors is not enough to start the device.

  • checkhe whole massage from feet to calf.
  • checkEasy to put on.
  • checkHeat and air pressure really works.
  • checkNormalize blood pressure.
  • Leg wrappers do not fit to every size of legs.
  • Pressure can be better.

#9 “Sol” Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager with Patented Figure-8 Technology, Heat, Vibration, and Intensity Setting

Human touch is not only a name but a brand that has been delivering numerous high-quality and best foot and calf massagers since past 35 years. Their products are always considered as innovative, perfectly designed with excellent engineering sense keeping in mind the need of the suffering people to provide them the healing touch. Currently, this company has invented “SOL” Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager with Patented Figure-8 Technology. A massager with some unique features which give you the necessary comfort from stress, fatigue, sore heel, foot pain, calf tightness etc. There are a lot of products in the marketplace but the service what this product offers do not let your eyes to turn away. Now, this is the time to look at the features the best foot and calf massager offers for you.

All the features that the device has are not very common in any other devices available in the market. Have a look.

Reflexology Massage 

Reflexology means the knowledge about the various problems of muscles and the ways of their relief. Massage is one of the best options recommended by reflexology. In this device, there are some powerful rollers that provide strong reflexology massage at the bottom of your feet, sole and heel. This kind of massage helps to revive the balance of your body that progress the natural protective power. The massage including vibration around the calf helps to send back the blood to the heart. That’s why it is taken as the best foot and calf massager.

CirQlation Technology

This is a patented technology that the device has. The Figure-8 type of massage helps the blood to circulate from feet to the core of the body. In this way, the essential nutrients re-enter the calves and feet to provide soothe and comfort.

Warm Air Massage

This is another patented feature of this device. It generates warm air around your feet to improve your blood circulation, provides comfort to your feet and calves. Apart from that the warm air reduces tension and soreness.

Foot Vibration and Massage Rollers

This massager provides deep penetrating vibration to increase your relaxation to a new high. Besides that, the underfoot massage rollers provide the strong massage to the sole and the heel areas.

Intensity Level 

This device provides two massage speed intensity levels which allow you to select the pressure of massage as per your need.

The Adjustment of Tilt Base 

The adjustable tilt bars can be unfolded easily to extend the height of the device to match your level. Moreover, you can set it at the perfect angle position with your favorite sofa.

Easy to Clean 

You may unzip the cover sheet of the device and allow them to wash and clean. This made the device very popular among the poor.

The Problems That can be Relieved 

Through this device, you may get relief from Plantar Fasciitis, Stress, Calf Tightness, Sore Heels, Ankles, Feet etc.


Improves Blood Circulation, Recovers Stressed Feet, Provides Freshness, and Rejuvenated Muscles, Elevates State of Comfort.

  • checkFigure 8-type massage.
  • checkWarm Air massage.
  • checkAdjusting Tilt Base.
  • checkReflexology Massage.
  • The intensity is little hard for some users.
  • The device is heavy and not portable.

#10 “Reflex-4” Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager with Patented Figure-8 Technology

Human Touch is not a new name in the world of massager. Since last 35 years, the company has been working tirelessly to provide you the best massaging products that help you to get relief from all sorts of problems related to your muscles and nerves. Not only that following reflexology method these devices are here to rejuvenates your energies, boosts your moods and reduces your stress and allows you to get fresh start even at the end of you’re a hard working day. The features what the machine carries are so exciting and unique that you have to give a serious thought if you consider buying one for your home. Let’s see what they are.

The Machine 

The new Human Touch “Reflex-4” Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager in silver and black two-toned colored sleek, modern and compact unit provides you the soothing relief with the help of patented figure- 8 technology and the Reflex-4 method. The adjustable tilt angle is perfectly matched with the body posture to provide you the maximum comfort.

The Reflexology Massage

The Reflexology massage is the way that helps the body to get back its normal balance and improves the body’s natural healing power. The Reflex-4 massaging method which mimics the human hand and techniques of the trained massage therapists goes around the calf and helps the blood to go back to the heart. Moreover, this Reflex 4 unit provides a quick relief for your stressed and tired feet and also rejuvenates muscles to bring you at the state of comfort.

CirQlation Method

This device has patented Figure-8 method which helps to circulate blood from your feet to the core of the body. In this way, some essential nutrients re-enter your calves and feet for soothing relief.

Foot Massage Rollers

The underfoot massage rollers provides deep and strong massage to the sole and heel areas.

Varieties of Massaging Types

In this device, you can get four types of auto set-up massage. Those are-Shiatsu 1, Shiatsu 2, Relax and Refresh. All these massaging types are equipped with this device keeping in mind your different problems that can be solved through different intensities of massage.

The Floor Protection 

This device is designed with non-skid floor protectors that keep the unit safe from overturned.

  • checkReflex 4 massager to provide the maximum comfort.
  • checkThe Figure 8 method to improve circulation of body.
  • checkAdvance Reflexology massage to relieve stress, fatigue, and discomfort due to bad physical and mental state of mind.
  • checkThree types of massaging experience.
  • This device is heavy to carry.
  • The intensity level is much higher than it needs.

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Now it’s time to say some last words to all of you. In this beautiful world, we all want to relish and enjoy the life. We all wish to be happy and make other happy. To maintain this positive approach towards life it is essential to have a fit body and mind. To run your life as your desired way you have no other way but earn. To earn, you need to work hard to exist in this highly competitive world. Then it is obvious, that you’ll get tired both physically and mentally. Your body especially feet would be the worst sufferers with pain, stiffness, tensions, aching etc.If anyone of you is already suffering from any of these kinds of problems, please don’t make late to select any of those foot massagers what I have reviewed so far at the best of my knowledge. If you really get the benefits of having one or if you get relief from the agony what you have been suffering for a long I’ll consider myself lucky and that will be the reward of my efforts. A lot of things are told yet a lot untold but I hope you will find it enough to search out the right one for you.

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