10 Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Large Space or Room 2021

Best Essential Oil Diffusers for Large Space

Aromatherapy is not an unknown word in recent times. Using the fragrance of several natural and chemical substances to boost your mind and energy has an ancient history but now it rapidly becomes very popular. Not only that, in many cases, it is being used as a therapy to cure various complications related to our mental health and some other common ailments as well.

It is not that you only need essential oil diffuser at home when you come back from your working place. What I mean to say, you also need to stay fresh at everywhere. Especially, at your working place where you have to calm, focused and fresh. Mostly your working place is a bigger in area than your home. In some cases, the house where do you live has enough spaces to fit for a big family which probably you have. In this condition, you cannot expect everything for your personal use only. Therefore, you may get oil diffusers of different sizes at the market as per your need. Even you may get the best essential oil diffuser for large space also.

Comparison Table of 10 Best Essential Oil Diffusers for Large Space

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Nebulizing Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser With Touch Sensor Light Switch

Nebulizing Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

Bel Air Naturals Large 300mL Essential Oil Diffuser for Home

Bel Air Naturals Large 300mL Essential Oil Diffuser

Apalus Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

Apalus Glass Ultrasonic Humidifier Air Purifier

GreenAir Spa Vapor

GreenAir Spa Vapor Advanced Healthful Mist Therapy

Raindrop 2.0 Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

Raindrop 2.0 Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromacare Large Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromacare Large Essential Oil Diffuser


Aromis Wood and Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser

VicTsing 400ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser


Easehold Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier


Aromatherapy Diffuser with Essential Oil Gift Set

10 Top Rated Essential Oil Diffusers for Large Room

After considering most of all the aspects which a better oil diffuser could provide, now it’s your time to choose the best one for your place. But here is a problem. The sheer number of available brands and models may still make it hard for you to select the essential oil diffuser for large room. That’s why keeping your problem in mind I have put together the list of top 10 products to help you to pick the best oil diffuser for your large space.

1. Nebulizing Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser - Best Diffuser for Large Room

Nebulizing Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser With Touch Sensor Light Switch

Here is a unique oil diffuser to provide you aromatherapy at your home. Filled with pure essential oil, this diffuser is a valuable product to keep you calm. At once the diffusion begins and gradually it is started spreading everywhere of your room, you can feel the change the mood in yourself.

It not only gives you but supplies the calmness to you. The fragrance that comes out not only to disinfect your body but also stimulates your energy of which you have spent the most during your working commitments. Besides that, it can be used as deodorant which helps you to get relief from your body odor and allow you to feel refreshed. Moreover, you can feel the healing touch at once the fragrance enters your body through inhalation as your nervous system starts working smoothly and properly. In this way, a feeling of meditation creates an aura around your mind only to bring you the heavenly peace.

No Substitution

This nebulizing diffuser has no substitution. The value it provides, no candle, no reeds, no ultrasonic diffuser can come close to it. This unit gives you the worth of every penny. So if you want the highest quality of aromatherapy, then all you need to look no further than the Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser.

The Choice of Professionals

This Nebulizing Diffuser is selected by the health professionals, therapists, counselors too. They are using successfully during the course of treatments. Most of the experts consider only this diffuser for their treatment.

Using, Cleaning and Care instructions

The Nebulizing oil diffuser is not made for every kind of oils. You need to use pure and thin essential oils only. Thick oils like jojoba oil, coconut oil, grape seeds oil are strictly prohibited. Even you should not use synthetic fragrance oil diffuser also. As for cleaning, you only need to give this glass diffuse reservoir a quick rinse with Isopropyl alcohol once in a week only to keep the unit in top shape.

More Features

  1. This diffuser is equipped with a whisper-quiet ultra-durable air pump which naturally optimizes the pure engine oil into millions of microparticles which easily absorbed by your body.
  2. This unit has an elegant LED rainbow carousel mood lighting that makes the unit looks beautiful.
  3. This oil diffuser is made of Hardwood painted with water-based lacquer to look nice.
  4. It's measures approx. - 13cm x 22cm. It works on the 110-220v electrical system.
  5. It is one of the most powerful aromatherapy diffuser available in the market. In ideal conditions, it can cover up to 800 sq ft/ 700 sum area.
  • The art work of this diffuser is amazing and you have put aside the candles once you started using it.
  • The aroma it dispenses is really great.
  • Easy to use and clean and it doesn’t take too many time.
  • The multicoloured LED’s provides you a decent light effect around you.
  • The customer service is excellent and if you face any sorts of problem while using it will be taken care in no time.
  • Possibly you may have little problem with the noise while using it.
  • This diffuser goes through oil very quickly unless you keep the output knob as low as you can.

2. Bel Air Naturals Large Diffuser - Best Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser for Large Rooms

Bel Air Naturals Large 300mL Essential Oil Diffuser for Home

In this highly competitive time, you always put pressure on yourself to achieve your target. Being influenced by stress and tension you need something which really can provide you the necessary relief both physically and mentally. Aromatherapy through essential oil diffuser probably the best option which may come handy in this situation. Bel Air Naturals Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser may be considered the one among the betters.

The Popularity

This Bel Air Naturals Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser is considered as the world’s most favorite oil diffuser. Over 3 millions of diffusers sold in more than 50 countries and still the demand is increasing day by day. A good marketing is not the only reason behind that. But the product should have some great features to offer to catch the attentions of buyers all over.

The Features

If you want to get the most of the best features in one product then you should go for Bel Air Naturals Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser.

  1. It acts in different roles, like- aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier, air purifier and ionizer. Even you can use it as a night light in your room.
  2. This Ultra Durable product lasts long which help you to consider it as a long-term investment.
  3. This unit includes a free and exclusive measuring cup to use right quantity of essential oils into the device.
  4. This gorgeous diffuser has auto shut-off function, which makes it safe for children and adult.
  5. This unit includes a step-by-step manual for easy to use.
  6. The mist that it produces distributes stronger in larger rooms.
  7. This device is available in 7 different colors for your home decor.
  8. This diffuser has a large 150 ml tank which assures your diffuser will last for hours.

The Way It Works

Bel Air Naturals Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser is used in a simple way. The oils are spread all over the room as the soft mist diffusing strong aromas. On the other hand, it also smoothly moisturized the dry air. All these help to get rid of stress and make you be relaxed. You can get the advantages of aromatherapy to fight against different diseases like nausea, nosebleeds, dandruff, joint pain, and nose and chest block.

The Places Where It is Used

This essential oil diffuser is a useful product which is applied in every place except your bedroom. Be it your classroom, study room or studio size or area doesn’t matter. This diffuser has the ability to cover a large area.

Therefore, considering all the features and benefits of using this essential oil diffuser. I think you also keeping this unit in your mind at the time of getting one for your place.

  • This diffuser is easy to operate. Plug the cable, fill the water from measuring cup and let the aromas to come out.
  • This unit has a large capacity of running 10-11 hour in one fill.
  • Emits nice and quality stream of fragrance.
  • It runs quietly and never disturbs your sleep.
  • The 100ml tank capacity seems that the emission lasts at least 4.5 hours a day.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The unit should be battery operated to carry this one place to another.
  • This diffuser is bit more expensive. But the way it provides you the benefits, hope the cost doesn’t bother you too much.

3. Apalus Glass Ultrasonic Humidifier - Best Aromatherapy Diffuser for Extra Large Rooms

Are you looking for an essential oil diffuser that gives you aromatherapy all you need back home after a stressful day at work? Do you want to create an aromatic atmosphere at your working place? Finally, your search has come to an end. Here arrives the Apalus Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser.

The Offers

This is an essential oil diffuser that provides you a relaxed body, a peaceful mind and free from few ailments also. Not only has that it also given your room 7 different light effects which create a magical feeling around you. 

The Design

This Ultrasonic diffuser is made of a corrosion-resistant material which provides you the durability you need. With the cover of nature frosted glass its design surely going to be noticed by anyone. Moreover, the 7 color changing smoothing LED lights create an awesome feeling around you. You can press a button to select any one color you prefer. Even you can put off the light also. Considering the design you can say that it is a perfect aromatherapy companion for any place you live or work.

The Device

This glass finish device has a 500ML water tank. It means you have no need to fill the unit in every short interval. Besides that the emitting aroma (you can use any kind of essential oil) can cover a large space up to 1000 sq.ft. Needless to say, that very few devices can cover such a large area. This device has four sets of times, 1hr/3hr/6hr/continuous. It will be auto stop when the power reaches the minimum level.

The Way It Works

The Apalus Diffuser is easy to use the device. You need simply to fill the reservoir with tap water (the max level should be followed), add 6-10 drops of your favorite essential oil and press the power button on. Now it is time to be relaxed and comfortable, because of the aromatic environment which is going to create a magic in you to feel. This essential oil diffuser delivers 8-10 hours of aromatic experience to enjoy.

The Benefits

The Ultrasonic Technology of this device keeps the original effect of the essential oils and does not harm any ingredients of the oil. It produces a high amount of Active Oxygen Anion in mist shape and spread all over the room. This is the way it purifies your room. This diffuser also completely eliminates the harmful gases like formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia etc. The Ultrasonic transducer vibrating at a frequency of 2.4 million times per second and produces tiny molecules of water and essential oils that those are easily absorbed by your skin and body. All these surely revitalized your positive energy and make your mind feel relaxed. Not only that the ionizing mist is also used as a cleanser for your skin.

But finally, it must be said that Apalus Diffuser is not an ordinary one. It is for those who prefer quality over the cost. I’m sure you are one of them.

  • Provides soothing massage through bubbles and smart heat.
  • Removable pumice stone soften heels.
  • Rolling massages to revives feet.
  • Includes 5 pedicure set to make feet beautiful.
  • The sides should be angled out some for having more relaxed.
  • The rollers are little rough for smooth massage.

4. GreenAir Spa Vapor - Best Affordable Essential Oil Diffuser

Most of the people think that aromatherapy is a costly affair. They cannot afford to spend more on their budget. The Green Air Spa Vapor+ air diffuser is mainly for them. Probably this is one among those which is under your budget but provides almost every kind of services you need. The aromatherapy which is the main reason behind of your purchase is supplied by this high output device.

It Provides

Green Air Spa Vapor+ is made keeping in mind of your needs. Certainly, you expect to get the necessary relief from stress and you will be relaxed after a daylong tension of your working schedule. The combined effects of oils and the soft LED light help you to get peaceful and worry free moments. It creates a personalized and an aromatic environment if you are at home, office or in the car.

The Features

The Style: This BPA free and 4”x4”x6” sized lantern shaped unit is an ideal for any décor of your room. Six rotating LED lights create a soothing sent & color changing effects at the room that gives a magical feeling to you. It is noted that you can fix any one color according to your preference or completely off the light if you do not need.

The Device

This device has a water tank 175ml water capacity, which means the diffuser, works continuously for 5 hours if the condition favors. Besides that, the emitting aroma can cover a large space up to 500 sq. ft to prove this as a device for large space.

The System

The Green Air Spa Vapor+ diffuser is most easy to handle. You only have to remove the top of the device, insert and the cap. After that, the Luke warm tap water is taken to fill the base of the diffuser. Then you need to mix 6-10 drops of essential oil of your choice with the water. Finally, the top, insert and the cap replaced again in order and the plug is connected to the switchboard. Once you press the power, the diffuser will start functioning.


Before the start, you should take care of some matter. Do not over fill the unit; do not use cold, distilled, purified or filtered water for not having minerals. Cold water also is avoided for delay misting. Don’t allow the cold water to enter the vapor hole.

The Benefits

This Green Air spa vapour+ provides instant healthful mist mode therapy by adding few drops of essential oils of your choice. This Ultrasonic oil diffuser provides you the mental relaxation and free from stress what you bring home from your working place. It creates the fine mist to be suspended in the air for longer period of time and for better inhalation. Besides that, the Ultrasonic pulsating sound creates a soothing healing vapor that eases your nerves once you start to inhale it. There are different kinds of essential oils to provide the service of your requirements. This device will allow all kind of essential oils that you like to use for your mental relaxation and some other ailments to recover. Moreover, Ultrasonic Action creates negative Ions to purify the air.

Then all what I have said so far hope is enough for you to consider this device seriously to buy this for you and your family as well.

  • It provides instant healthful mist by adding few drops of essential oils once you start the device.
  • The ultrasonic pulsating sound creates a soothing healing vapour to ease the nerves.
  • Allow any kind of essential oils to use.
  • The Ultrasonic Action helps to purify the air.
  • Ideal for any type of home decor.
  • To some people this device puts out minimum amount of scent and mist.
  • 2.The intermittent mode mist is not long.

5. Raindrop 2.0 Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser - Best Nebulizing Diffuser for Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is not the conventional way for healing, But. nowadays, it is fast becoming popular for those who are suffering from stress, tension and need mental and physical relaxation and looking for something beyond medicines. Using Essential Oil Diffuser to get relief is not an uncommon practice. All you need to get a proper brand of the device which provides what you have asked for. Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser is surely going to fit your bill.

It Provides

Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser is an ideal one for your stressful mind and body. It gives the essential relaxation that you need badly at the moment you go home or you are at your office.

The Outlook

It is one of the most beautiful looking oil diffuser available in the market. This light colored wood base oil diffuser is made from hardwood painted with lacquer and a hand-blown glass reservoir with Touch Sensor Light Switch. The outlook is such elegant that you must be driven away to buy this for not only your physical needs but for home decor also.

The Device

This device is a powerful aromatherapy diffuser. Perhaps, this is the most effective essential oil diffuser available in the market. It is equipped with an ultra-durable air pump and LED rainbow to carouse mood lighting. Both the features are the reason behind its demand among them who are in search of a diffuser for a large space.

The Function

This unit has an ultra-durable whisper- quiet air pump for which pure essential oils convert into millions of tiny micro particles. These are quickly absorbed by your body to give you relief from the problems for what you’ve bought this unit home. Apart from that, the rainbow lighted led creates a special romantic mood for you that gradually you start feeling fresh.

The Way it Works

This nebulizing diffuser can be served as such a device that could be used with any kind of concentrated oil to make you calm, disinfect and stimulate your energy to give a chance to that you can start all again. Not only that, you’ll be provided with the therapeutic treatment for a headache, sinusitis etc.

This Device Offers

This beautiful looking device can cover up large space about 800 sq. ft area. It means it is properly an oil diffuser for large space. It is recommended by the professionals, therapist, and aestheticians even used by them also when they are at meditation. Moreover, ONE YEAR FREE warranty on parts and labor- is one of the special attractions that make you think of it.

So, what I have said so far, perhaps enough to draw your interest towards this oil diffuser. Hope, you’re going to buy it.

  • This is one of the most beautiful devices available in market.
  • This oil diffuser is one of the most effective units for large space.
  • An ultra durable whisper quiet unit.
  • Also can be used as a nebulizer.
  • To some people the steam is little less.
  • The glass top could be damaged if mishandled.

6. Aromacare Large Essential Oil Diffuser - Best Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Who among you needs to cover a bigger area or wants a longer service? For your kind information, I’m presenting you an essential oil diffuser which can fit your bill.
The Aromacare Large Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy 600ml has more than one thing to offer in its favor. The main advantage this oil diffuser possesses that it is for the long run. Let’s discuss some of its exciting features before you select this.

The First Look

We say, the first impression I the best impression. If it is true, then this one is surely going to catch your eyes. This black round shaped model has an outstanding wood looked design with warm smooth light make it elegant. You can place it anywhere is it your home or your office this is and also perfectly match with the decor and also set a feel-good environment around you at the time of the business meeting or any social functions.

It Works

This big oil diffuser has a larger tank with the capacity of 600ml. It means you have no need to worry about the refilling. Once you fill the tank with few drops of oil mixed water this device can work for at least 12-18 hours. Unlike many others, this oil diffuser has no choice of oils, which means you can use any kind of essential oil of your need and choice.

LED effects

There are few ambient dim lights at the bottom of the device. The light comes out from these to create a magical feeling around you.

Easy to Handle

This oil diffuser has a simple operating system which can be understood by even minors also. Even it is auto shut-off when the water in the tank runs low. This made this device safe and for not applying fire or flames it means, it is one of the most secure units when you left it unattended.

The Up-Gradation

Recently the manufacturer has upgraded this oil diffuser by larger mist output and number of water level sensor to provide you better service.

So now all you have to decide to take it for your home or not but in my opinion this will have the potential to fulfil your needs.

  • This oil diffuser works as a humidifier also.
  • Having a bigger water tank to cover a large space and for long duration also.
  • LED effects are attractive.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Little noise could be disturbed you, but though it is under 35dcl.
  • The disperse of oil is little low first but gradually the rate will increase.

7. Aromis Wood and Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser

We know you always prefer not less than the best. Whenever and whatever you buy, you never consider the price ahead of quality. Keeping that in mind, we are going to present a unique Aromatherapy Diffuser that surely worth your every penny and you feel glad to have it. And that is Aromis Wood and Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser. The services it provides are rarely available in any other brand. Not only that, the outlook is also nice for any décor. Now, it’s time to find out, why it is called one of the best.

The Introduction

If you are looking for a best oil diffuser, then I can say, your search is over. The Aromis diffuser requires no heat or water to exhume the fragrance, but it keeps the essential oil in its natural way when it produces mist.

The Outlook

This 4”x4”x8” sized and 1.1lb weighed device is made of natural pine wood and hand-blown glass that made it look extremely beautiful. Besides that this diffuser has no plastic parts to wear away when it comes in touch with the oils like most other oil diffusers. It means, your device can give you longer service if it is kept in proper condition.

The Features

This device is equipped with a built-in timer that allows it to run in six ten minutes cycles that turns on and off simultaneously and then total shut-off after sixty minutes. This helps this device from damage and also to use as you need. Apart from that, this is for those who use to forget to turn off the unit.

The Area it Covers

If you want your 30’x 30’ area filled with the fragrance that comes from the essential oils used in a diffuser, then certainly you have made a right choice. The area that it covers allows you to use it in spas, massage centres, or yoga studios.

Ideal for Gift Material

The Aromis Diffuser is not only a useful material but also a stunningly beautiful looking device that easily attracts you to grant it as a gift item that you can present your near and dear ones.

How to Use

At first, you have to connect the glass portion to the wooden base and then plug to the power supply. After that, add 15-20 drops of 100% pure essential oil of your choice into the glass bottle. But make sure before use that, don’t fill the jar past the top of the small glass tube. Unless the oil will start draining into the air pump inside the wooden base. As a result, the device will face an early damage.

Easy to Maintain

As this device is made of glass and pine wood and no plastic material is used, so it is easy to maintain this unit. Moreover, the cleaning would be easier, as this device works without adding heat or water.

  • Works without adding heat or water.
  • Six ten minutes cycles of on and off save the unit.
  • Not having plastic material in its body to provide durability.
  • Stunningly beautiful to make it as a gift item.
  • For indoor use only.
  • Fragrance diffusion is low mist mode.

8. VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser - Best Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

If you are looking for a device that provides your home filled with an essence that simply absorbs your stress and gives you the healing touch to relief you from tiredness, then this is your choice.
VicTsing 400ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser provides you the multiple services that hardly any other diffuser could be able to do that. Especially, when you think to cover a large space or to extend the duration possibly there has no competition. Come, let’s explore it.

The Design

This plastic made ultra modern wood grain finished essential oil diffuser looks like a beautiful flower vase. This model can go with any decor. Is it your home, office, salon or children room anywhere you can display it only for a perfect match.

The LED Light Effects

Lights effects have no direct role in your body but it has a great impact on your mind. The soft lights of different colors create an imaginative aura around you and you’ll have a great feeling of ease especially during the meditation. The 7 soft colors can be cycled through. You can set any one of them to match the moment. Not only that each color has bright and dims two moods. The choice is yours.


This Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser has a tank which has a capacity of 400ml. It means, it can work for 7-10 hours and you have no need to refill the tank in every short interval. Besides that, cool mist that the device emits can cover 269sq.ft. Even you can control mist between high and low to freshen your room’s air. Not only that, it can humidify an area up to 215-269 sq.ft.


  1. The Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser is a multitasking device. A few droplets of essential oils added with water of the tank may create a magic around you. Once you start the device the fragrance starts to release from it. Within a few minutes, the bad odor, such as tobacco smells, pet odor, kitchen smells will be gone. And you’ll go to live in a comfortable environment. 
  2. The fragrance which is released by this device helps you to get relief from stress and you feel relaxed by the soothing environment provided by the oil diffuser.
  3. Not only generating aroma but this device also works as a humidifier. This can produce enough moisture in your room that will be great for your dry skin, especially during the dry seasons. Even you can seep better with air condition on due to having this device which can act s a small humidifier. You only need to use fresh tap water, no oils should be added.
  • Great outlook, nice and fit for any type of room decor.
  • 7 soft changeable LED light effects create a magic in to make mood better.
  • Bigger tank capacity allows the device for long run.
  • Can be used as a humidifier.
  • The plastic body can be damaged if mishandled.
  • Might be works slowly in long runs if complain is to be believed.

9. Easehold Aroma Oil Diffuser - Best Diffusers for Extra Large Rooms

Hey! You’re looking tired. It seems your today’s work toll your body and mind. Looking for something? No problem, come on, let’s you have some fantastic healing touch through aromatherapy. Meet Mr. Easehold Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier 400ml Cool Mist. Only he can provide you the necessary relaxation what you need badly right now. Now let’s see what he has for you.

The Outlook

This plastic made vase shaped wood grain finished aroma essential oil diffuser is a stylish product that can match and fits with any decor. So, you can use this as a display at anywhere, is it your bedroom, study living room or office.

LED Effects

This device has LED lights with 7 different colors. These soft lights can be cycled through to create a magical environment around you. This effect makes you feel an imaginative surrounding that make you feel calm and relaxed. Even you can set it in any one color as your mood demands.

Time Setting

Sometimes, you need aromatherapy for a course of time or you have to stop it at a certain time after you sleep. No, you’re not bothering for that; this device has 4 timer settings (1hr/ 3hr/ 6hr /con) to be selected one. Not only that, it has also a strong and weak mist options considering your need.


This device has a 400ml large water tank than can work for a longer time and also work well in a large space. For that reason, you can consider this as an essential diffuser for large space. Besides that, you have no need to refill it before 7-10 hours. Certainly, it is one of the big advantages of having this.

Auto Shut-Off

This device has an auto shut-off facility which helps you not to worry much about your oil diffuser. Because this will stop working automatically once the water in the tank runs out. So, even if you do not notice, your diffuser will be safe.


This oil diffuser is certainly a noiseless affair. Working under the influence of Ultrasonic Technology this device is extremely quiet while it is functioning. So that you can enjoy your sleep or books without any disturbance.


You may easily consider this essential oil diffuser as two-in-one. Because on one hand, it works as an aroma essential oil diffuser and on the other hand it can be a humidifier as well. If you use only water into it then it starts producing moisture all over the room which will be good for your skin especially during the dry seasons. And when you add few drops of aromatic essential oil as per your need, then it turns out to be an oil diffuser that is to help your weary mind and body as well through bringing fragrance to your room.

One Tip

Though it is a safe product which lasts long without making any trouble, but one thing you should remember while using. Do not add water over MAX line. Just 3-5 drops of essential oil is sufficient for each time. If you are expecting more mist then reduce some water at first and then add more oils into it.

  • Excellent look, fit for any decor.
  • Can be used as both- oil diffuser or humidifier.
  • Works for large space and longer time.
  • Noiseless, so no disturbance occurs.
  • Plastic body, extra care should be taken to save from damage.
  • The diffusion of mist started getting less as the time progress.

10. Aromatherapy Diffuser with Essential Oil Gift Set

Aromatherapy is indeed a healing and soothing touch for a tired body and mind after a daylong stress and tension. But that is not everything. Sometimes, you need to freshen and loosen your mood, sometimes you have to create an environment for a special purpose and what better than aroma to create a magic around your body and mind? Yes, a small oil diffuser filled with essential oil kept anywhere in your room is enough to make your mood towards… And if you have Smiley Daisy Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser, then you only can say-get set and go.

The Outlook

This round and flat shaped device sized 8.27”x6.58”x3.15”, weighed 1.5lbs with 350ml capacity is made of PP (Upper Part), ABS (Lower Part). This excellent looking small device can match any decor of your bedroom and office as well. Even it can be used in hotels and hospitals also.

The Function

This Aroma oil diffuser releases a powerful cool mist. So it can be used as a humidifier which makes the air of your place comfortable by adding moist. In this way, it helps to reduce dryness from your surroundings and also moisturizes your skin and lips. Moreover, the smell of cigarette and the doors of pets will be gone with the help of the essence that your device releases.

LED Display

This device is equipped with 7 colours changing lamp of your choice to create a magical surrounding in your room. But if you want your room to keep dark then the light can be completely shut-off.

How to Use

The Smiley Daisy Aromatherapy Oil sleek diffuser is very easy to use. All you need to add about 100ml of water and a few drops of essential oil of your choice and let the advanced ultrasonic vaporizing technology of this device to produce a soothing aromatic mist up to 6 hours. Besides that, its whisper-quiet function doesn’t disturb you while you’re sleeping or working.


Sometimes you need a continuous mist to make your room clean and fresh always. Especially, if it is your office or any places where people use to come and go continuously. But if it is your room then you need to get mist for a certain course of time. This device has an auto-stop for every two hours or it can run continuously as per your need.

The Benefits

If you become the owner of this device you’ll get the number of benefits that are not easily available in any other brand of oil diffusers. First of all, this works as a humidifier that adds moist to the air of your room and helps you to sleep well, and cough less. Secondly, it helps to uplift your mind and body to get you the much-needed relaxation and also the energy to start afresh. And the last but not the least, this Aroma Oil Diffuser comes with a set of 6/10ml essential oils including, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Lemongrass, and Sweet Orange. Now you have a lot of options to select any of them as per the situation demands.

  • Less noise
  • Easy to maintain
  • 6 different essential oils included
  • Produces enough moisture to the air
  • No filter requires
  • There are some complains of less fragrance
  • Durability is not up to the mark

Selection of The Essential Oil Diffuser for Larger Room

We always try to pick not less than the best. In the case of oil diffuser, we obviously follow the same. But the question is how would you select the best one? Each of them is with different features to offer and also have a different look to attract you. Let’s have a look.

The Design

Outlook is the first thing that creates the first impression on buyer’s mind. The essential oil diffusers available in the market are made of ceramic, wood, glass, plastic or metal. They come also in different designs that surely going to attract your attention toward them. Moreover, some of them have LED lights with changing colors which creates a great light effect in your room. Now considering all these you’re going to buy any one of your choices for your home not only for the health and mind but for the room décor for sure, be it the living room or your office.

The Varieties

At the time you’ve decided to get the healing touch of aromatherapy for your body and mind, so you have to take an essential oil diffuser. Here you’ll find that there are at least four types of diffuser available in market- Ultrasonic, Nebulizer, Heat and Evaporative diffuser. Among them, the last two are influenced by heat and as you know, it can reduce the effectiveness of the oil. Instead, the first two are more useful to extract the best service of it. Now let’s discuss them.

Ultrasonic/ Humidifier

This unit is one of the most effective diffusers which provides the necessary aroma from the essential oil including water that is kept in its tank. There is a disk which is placed just under the water surface. Once it is provided with the electronic frequency it started vibrating rapidly. For this ultrasonic vibration, the oil breaks into tiny microparticles and along with the water, those are turned into a soft mist which is diffused and spread around the room. Not just an oil diffuser this unit can also be served as a humidifier at the dry seasons to generate enough moisture all over the room. You have no need to add any kind of oil, just water that is kept in the tank of the device is sufficient to create the moist environment around you. But one thing you should remember that you cannot use citrus oils in it as this may damage your device.


A nebulizer diffuser is mainly in use for the therapeutic purpose. Especially, if you have some respiratory issues or some other kinds of ailments. This device does not need heat or water to generate the mist from the oils. All you need to press the atomizer or the air pump that is attached to the device. Then a mist is blown out and disperses all over the room. As you cannot use water to dilute the essential oils, some people may feel uneasy by the full power concentrated mist. In that case, you’re advised to avoid it. Besides that, it may be little noisy too. But finally all I can say that this device gives you the real healing touch if you need for any kind of therapeutic support.

The Function of Best Aromatherapy Diffuser

Before having oil diffusers men used many things to get aromatherapy. Lighting scented candle, burning incense sticks or reed diffuser were the sources of aroma around the house. Even in some cases, people used oil burners or tea light burners for the oils to disperse into the air. The effects were not bad to say. But there were two problems- firstly; the naked flames often caused accidents if unattended. Besides that, due to heat diffuser of essential oils, the natures and properties of oils could be changed. Therefore, the effects would be gone. In such situations, oil diffusers are the most effective option and possibly the cleanest way to disperse the aroma into the air. What you have to do is just add few drops of concentrated essential oils with water into the tank and let the diffuser to send out the cool scented mist into the room.

The oil diffusers can be used as a mask to hide the unpleasant smells that come from pets, cigarettes and also from the kitchen. Not only that, there are some air diffusers with nebulizers or humidifiers to make the air of the room fresh and also helps to get relieves from cold and flu.

Some Other Important Features of An Oil Diffuser

Whatever I have discussed so far about the design and the working methods of the oil diffusers are not everything. You also have to keep in your mind some other features those are very important to consider while purchasing the right one for yourself. Come on, let’s get into it.

Coverage (The need for large diffuser)

Whenever you are going to buy an oil diffuser, the first question will certainly arise in your mind where you’ll be using it. If it is for your living room or bed room otherwise for your office. Because you cannot categorize an oil diffuser as a home appliance, you need to be calm and relaxed both physically and mentally everywhere in every challenging situation. Especially at your office where you have to face stress and tension all the day long. Therefore, you need to buy an essential oil diffuser for large space. Most of the oil diffusers can cover an area of 200-250 sq. ft, which means they can provide the fragrance in a small area. It is almost OK for your in-home aromatherapy only. But if you consider it for your working place then you have to choose the bigger model that can cover 500-1000 sq. ft. And yes, this may little reduce the weight of purse indeed.

Water Capacity and Re-filling Time

Except for nebulizers, most of the diffusers need water into which the essential oils are mixed to create the mist. Therefore, they have a water tank where the water is manually filled. But every model does not have the same size of the tank. Some have a small tank around 70ml or 100ml while others have a bigger tank around 300ml. It means, in case of smaller tank you need to add water frequently, but for the bigger tank, you’ll get some longer time to refill. It has seen that the refilling time 4 to 6 hrs for models which have smaller tank and others can last up to 10 hrs.

Automatic Shut-Off

The users of essential oil diffuser sometimes need to take a safety, especially for the kids and elders. Keeping this in mind the manufacturers provides an automatic shut-off with the device that comes very handy. It will turn off automatically when the diffuser runs out of the water. In this way, you can save the device from breaking down and the unit would last few months longer.

Special Effects of LED Lightings

Besides providing aromatic touch around your living place to heal and relax your mind, body, and soul, there are so many oil diffusers that have colorful LED lights that can create a magic around you. Among them, some diffusers have color changing lights that can change into different colors after a certain interval. These special effects of lights provide an illuminating romantic environment around you so that your entire mood and mentality will be turned towards the positive direction where you feel fresh all again. Some other oil diffusers are there in which you can brighten or dim the light according to your mood.

Setting Options

Some of the oil diffusers have pre-setting options. These help you to control the airflow of the mist from heavy to gentle and in this way you can change the intensity of the aroma. Even the time of dispersing of oil can be controlled through the timer. These two special features are very handy for those people who are involved in meditation or want to use the diffuser throughout the night.

Noise Level

The noise level of the diffuser is not the same in every diffuser. Some might have splashing sound. Especially, nebulizer diffuser may cause such disturbance. But now some modified devices are available in the market which has “whisper quite technology” to give you the all necessary silence while you’re sleeping, reading books or just relaxing. 

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Benefits of Using Essential Oil Diffusers

After having a good discussion about the various features and factors, now I have come to a point where I may ask myself, why should I keep telling you to buy an oil diffuser for your living or working place? What benefits you’re going get for having an essential oil diffuser? So, let’s go through the matter.


Only natural essential oils are used in oil diffusers. These oils are well known for its special ability to increase your relaxation by reducing your stress and pressure and also to stabilize your emotions and help you to calm down. In this situation, sandalwood oil or jasmine oil is perfect to improve the quality of your sleep that you need most at that stage.


If you want to be focused during work then your central nervous system (CNS) should be balanced. Moreover, your lymphatic system should be cleared also. As a result of these two, gradually the elimination of wastes and toxins from your body starts. And it’ll be seen an improved concentration span and focus. To have all these, essential oils like lavender oil, vetiver, and frankincense are the best options for your diffuser. In fact, vetiver has a good use among children for increasing attention span.


Your mood depends on the mental state that you are running at that time. Tension, Anxiety, and depression- these three are the main reasons to destroy your mood. Aromatherapy works like a magic to provide you relief from all these problems. Sandalwood oil is perhaps the better option to make you feel good. A mixture of lavender, lime, vetiver, and rose essential oils are also very useful for mood therapy if you have one oil diffuser.

Pain Relief

Most of the people have a common problem and that is a headache. Using pills or tablets are not very wise idea for every time. It may cause other problem to your body functions. Aromatherapy probably the most effective and safest to fight against a headache. The fragrance of best essential oils from lavender, sweet marjoram and peppermint are known for relieving pain.

Improvement of Immune System

Cinnamon, clove bud, eucalyptus, and ginger are some common essential oils you can use to fight against several bacteria and viruses. Using any one of these oils or the mixture of some oils in your diffuser can keep away ailments like cold, flu sinus congestion, coughs etc. These oils are used to improve your immunity system and you’ll get relief from any of these ailments soon.

The Essence

Fragrance or the essence of the natural essential oils that come out of a diffuser not only helpful for your body but also make a pleasant feeling to all of us by its sweet smell.

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5 Important Things Should be Followed while Purchasing a Diffuser

After watchfully following the reviews of 10 most popular essential oil diffusers for large space now it is the time to buy one. But there are few things that should be kept in mind while purchasing because only then you’ll found to buy the right oil diffuser for yourselves. Those are:


Generally, you’ll see essential oil diffuser is available in sizes of 150ml, 300ml, and 500ml. All these increasing sizes indicate how long hours they work, not how bigger area they cover. So, if you need run your device for a couple of hours then the smaller size is OK for you. But if you want to work it for all day then you should go for 300ml or 500ml size diffuser.

One Extra

When you go to buy one Ultrasonic oil diffuser for your bigger area, then you should keep in mind that despite having promises no one device can deliver strong mist to cover 100sq. ft. If you have to cover such or more than this bigger space then you need to use two diffusers and put the same oils in both and run them.

Droplets of Oils

If you have a big room to cover, then one more thing you should keep in your mind that you have to add few more droplets of oils into the water of the tank than generally, you do. Per 100ml water 3-5drops of oils is a good ratio. But if you want to cover a bigger space you have to add 10-20 drops of oil respectively for 300ml and 500ml capacity. If this makes you run out of your budget, then you may use 20 drops of affordable oil and then add 5 drops of expensive oil into it.

Mist Setting

Most of the diffusers have a setting where you can select for heavy or light mist. In case of bigger space, you should go for heavy mist option to cover the whole area properly. In that case, you have to hold the specific button for little long to get the heavy mist.

Quality of Oil

Every time while purchasing essential oil you should go for the quality product. Because the cheap oil is mixed with some other unwanted chemicals which cannot cover the bigger area and also cannot solve your healing purpose.

Tips to Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser

You need to take care of your for the long run. I have few suggestions for you how to maintain your device. They are:

  1. Fill half of the device with clean water.
  2. Add 10 drops of white vinegar
  3. Allow the diffuser to run for 5 minutes and in this way, the mixture will clean the unit.
  4. Then drain out the mixture but after unplug the unit.
  5. Clean the tight spots or corners with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar.
  6. Now rinse the diffuser with clean water.
  7. Use a dry cloth to wipe the diffuser to dry.

So, It’s time to say the final words. So far I have discussed whatever I can say all about the top essential oil diffusers available in the market from best of my knowledge. I have told about aromatherapy which is so important to provide you the healing touch for your body and mind. The essential oil diffusers that give us the opportunity to get relief from physical and mental stress, and also I have told you about the devices that come handy considering in mind of your needs. Even I have told about some of the vital essential oils which go great with your needs.

Now it is time to act, if you have got all you wanted to know, then you’ll buy one or two for sure. Because this is the thing that must have your home as one of your essential commodities.

Look how fast the world and it’s mankind is moving ahead, how tough fights are on to get the winner seat, how strong competitions are going on to save what you have. In this situation, stress and tension are two very common words in your life which can sap your energy and mood as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

How many types of oil diffusers out there?

Primarily, there are four types of oil diffusers out there. They are – Nebulizing oil diffusers, Ultrasonic oil diffusers, Evaporative oil diffusers and Heat diffusers. But, you may find other types too.

Which is the best type of Oil diffusers?

It is a hard question to answer. Because it totally depends on personal preference. One may get a hang on to a particular type of oil diffusers and vice-versa.

What is the best oil diffusers brand?

There are a lot of manufacturers out there who produce oil diffusers. But, not all of them are famous and popular. Again, all of them are not good enough too. So, it is another tough question to answer. Though, you can go for the popular brands.

I want a noise-free oil diffuser, which type should I get?

You should go for the evaporating or heat oil diffusers. They are very quiet but not good for therapeutic stuff.

I want a therapeutic oil diffuser, which type should I get?

You should get the nebulizing oil diffusers. They are the best for this purpose. But, if you are on a low budget then go for the ultrasonic ones. Don’t go for the other types (evaporative and heat), they are not meant for this task.

Is maintaining an oil diffuser tough?

NO, but some of them are tough to clean.

Is setting up an oil diffuser difficult?

No, they are very easy to install.

Can I place them in my bathroom or bedroom?


Do they have lights?

Yes, but some models have a switch to ON/OFF the light. And some other have a customizable system for the light.

What is the interval of cleaning oil diffusers?

You can clean it before using each time. It will be great for your oil diffusers and it will last long.

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