What is A Percussion Massager?

Human life is nothing but a race. Everybody is running hard to achieve success. Every time you are seen stressed, tensed, and tired. Not only that, your hard work results in multiple ailments related to the muscles and joints of different parts of your body. Taking medicines is not always a smart idea for having many side effects that may disrupt other functions of your body. In that case, massage would be the most reliable and reasonable option that can help you to relieve pain, strains, and stress and provide you the comfort and relaxation that you’re looking for.

What is A Percussion MassagerWhat is A Percussion Massager

The best way to get a massage would be to visit a spa or a professional massage therapist on a regular basis. But that would be a costly affair and also it is not possible to get their appointment at your preferred time. Then the only way remains to own a massager machine which can provide you almost the same result at home what you get from a spa.

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There are different types of massage techniques with their benefits. Among them, percussion massage a way that may solve your problem fast. Let’s see.

What is A Percussion Massage?

Percussion Massage is a kind of massaging technique that applies a continuous blow on the specific areas in your body to give you a deep tissue therapy that helps you to get pain-relief, relaxation, and stress-free state. This kind of massage not only normalizes the blood flow but also improves the movement of muscles. This type of massage can be performed by a professional masseuse. Using hand and wrist he or she delivers quick or light random strokes so that you can relieve pain.

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What is Percussion Massager?

Percussion massager is a handheld device equipped with a motor and multiple nodes that provide rapid pulsation to create intense pressure into the deep tissues of muscles. This kind of massage helps to promote blood circulation and relax the stiff muscles to reduce pain and allow you to move your body freely.

What Are The Benefits of Percussion Massager?

Generally, percussion massager comes handy for every working person but if you’re a sportsman, or doing some other kind of physical labor. Moreover, those who need to spend a lot of time in office work sitting on a chair for hours certainly feel the need for this kind of massager. Let’s find out the reason.

Post Surgery Treatment

In most of the cases, after surgery, the venous and lymphatic circulation faces a blockage, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, and disturb sleeping patterns. But a regular percussion massage therapy using a percussion massager on a regular basis can speed up the healing time and give you the much-needed relaxation both physically and mentally as well.

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Increase Physical Ability of Athletes

Sportsmen or sportswomen need to improve their physical ability so that they could keep themselves prepared for the competitions. Besides, they need to heal their injuries before any contest. For both issues, it is seen that their trainers always prefer to use percussion massage on them. This kind of massage works efficiently for stretching and connecting muscles and tissues and helps to prevent cramping. In this way, the skill and reflex of the athletes improve and they could give better performance of their best ability. Not only that, using percussion massager on regular basis may increase their muscle strength, and normalize the blood circulation which may help to reduce muscle soreness, keeps away fatigue so that they could continue for longer period.

The Healing Touch

The human body tends to get injured; even it could occur several diseases. In both cases, massage provides the best healing touch that nothing else could do. Percussion Massage is a kind of technique that strengthens the muscles providing contractions. Besides, this kind of therapy is very useful for them who have a partial or full paralysed body. It really stimulates muscles, improves the response of nerves according to the massage and allows the patient to come round early.

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Stress Gone Relaxation On

Apart from your body, your mind also needs some attention. Stress is a thing that can sap all your energy and takes you nowhere. Regular use of percussion massager after a daylong working schedule can improve both blood and oxygen circulation in your body, enables you to take deep breaths. Then you’ll feel both your stress and anxiety vanished and you may feel much relaxed.

Overall Benefits

Apart from taking care of your limbs, percussion massage also works better for some other health issues such as controlling blood pressure, curing poor digestive system, providing better sleep, and eliminating toxins from your body. All these benefits surely give you a new carefree life that you’re looking for so far. Just imagine, having a percussion massager brings what amount of relief, amazing!! This is not an end, using this device can works for your skin treatment as it frees adhesions from your face, breaks down the scar tissues and provides glowing skin.

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Some Important Features

There are some features that you should keep in mind while owning a percussion massager. Here they are-

Additional Nodes

Since this kind of massager is applied for different ailments, then there should be few removable node heads so that you can fix them for the specific issues. Rolling nodes for better blood circulation, shiatsu nodes for muscle aches, and wide nodes for sound sleep.

Temperature Control

This is one of the useful features that this device has. Having a temperature control facility means you can make adjust the level heat on your choice. Because sometimes too much or too little heat cannot match your needs.

Speed Control

Speed control is one more thing that likes to have in your handheld massager. The slow speed is required for relaxation and the high speed works well for deep tissue massage. Having a speed controller you can get the massage at your choice.

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Power Cord

If you like to own a percussion massager, then you must love to see a long power cord comes with the device. This will certainly help you to choose a place for taking a massage without caring too much about how far the switchboard is situated.


Size Does Matter. Suppose if you want TO buy a handheld percussion massager, then you must keep in mind  that you must buy lightweight, medium size machines with an ergonomic handle for easy grip and above all you can carry this machine easily while you’re traveling.

Varieties of Percussion Massager

There are various types of percussion massager available in the market. They differ from each other by the intensity and sides of vibration. Such as-


This battery-operated rugged and jigsaw look device is for a deep percussive massage to reduce muscle and joint pain. It can generate 2400 percussions per minute.


This laser gun look, foam roller type percussion massager is meant for muscle relaxation, recovery, and activation. This kind of machine can create up to 3200 percussions per minutes and you can adjust it at your choice.

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This type of percussion massager is quite similar to TheraGun but it has a rubber head which makes it easy to clean so that you can use this on more than one patient a day. Besides, it can create 2000 percussions per minute.

Plane M 3.0

This is with 6-speed control that you do not find in others. Besides, it comes with 4 attachments and it can generate 2600 percussions per minute.

How to Use A Percussion Massager?

Though this kind of massager gives you different types of massage techniques, this handheld home use massager is not difficult to use. All you need to point the massager over the specific place of your body and then press the start button. The intensity, speed, and duration depends on how much massage you required. Generally, it requires 15-20 minutes for the whole body and 2-3 minutes for each muscle.

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Bottom Line

There are some topics that have no end, but you have to stop somewhere. So here it is. All I can hope that this article may be able to draw your interest towards this percussion massager and a strong desire of liking is gradually generating in you

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