What is Plantar Fasciitis & How to Cure It (Best 12 Ways)

Plantar Fasciitis Treatments

Plantar Fasciitis is not an unknown ailment. The pain on your heel or at the foot arch might be for the Plantar Fasciitis. The pain is felt especially at morning time when you usually get out of bed. Otherwise, those who use to stand, walk even run on the hard surface might suffer that kind of pain after a certain period of rest. It means the teachers, clerks and the sportspersons are the worst sufferers. Even using shoes for a long time with faulty foot arch design can be a reason for this trouble.

This pain doesn’t last long which means, you feel no hurry to go for treatment. This is a wrong thought. If unattended Plantar Fasciitis becomes chronic and it will be a full-time job for managing the pain. But it is not possible always for anyone to get relief because of your busy working hours you can’t manage time to get into this.

Thankfully, still, you have some simple yet effective ways for instant relief from Plantar Fasciitis. All you need to manage 15 minutes of time from your busy schedule. It means you can follow the treatment while you are engaged in your work.

How to Stop Plantar Fasciitis Pain

So are you ready to try few fast relieves Plantar Fasciitis? Come on, let’s enjoy your heels and arches feeling great and that also without making too many arrangements or providing too much time.

Keep a Golf Ball

A golf ball or any other mobility ball is an effective massage tool for almost no cost to give you the much-needed comfort and pain relief throughout the day. All you need to roll the ball beneath your foot applying steady pressure and you can do this while working on your desk.

When you put pressure on your foot arch or on your heel from this massage the pain receptors of your brain will be distracted. It supplies normal blood flow to the arch and heel and also helps to reduce the pain at the plantar Fascia region.

Use the Ice Pack

The icing is probably one of the most effective ways to get immediate relief from Plantar Fasciitis and heel pain. Keep an ice pack beneath your foot and it will be better if you use a strap to keep the ice pack in a place. It will provide you a wonderful feeling a day without pain in no time.

Soak into Hot Water

Sometimes, using ice pack is not as effective as you want. In that case, hot water will be a useful option. All you need to take a bucket of mildly hot water add some Epsom salt or few drops of lavender oil and then put your feet into the water for 10-15 minutes to see the wonder.

Doing Stretches

Stretching is one of the best ways to reduce pain and for recovering from Plantar Fasciitis. It improves the flexibility and strength of your Plantar Fascia ligament. There are many kinds of stretches which can be done easily on a quick break or beneath of the desk to get the instant result. There are three types of stretches commonly used to cure this ailment.

First one is Toe Stretches- To follow this work out you need to sit on a chair, place the heel on the floor and extend your affected leg. Then pull the big toe toward you with your hand and hold for 15-20 seconds.

The next is Calf Stretch- This is to stretches the back muscles of the lower leg as well as the Achilles tendon that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. All you have to stand in front of a wall and place your hand on the wall at the shoulder level. Then put the affected leg behind the other leg and bend your knee while keeping back heel on the floor. Hold for 15-30 seconds.

And the last is Towel stretches- You have to sit on the floor keeping the knees straight and hold the towel’s both end and pull toward you and hold for 15-30 seconds. All these stretches should be repeated 2-4 times a day.

Use Toe Separators

Toe separator is a device that expands the shrunken tendons and places them in a healthy position. It also normalizes the blood flow to the feet, which breaks down the conjugation and improve the heel and foot pains, strengthen muscles and ligaments in the toe and around it.

Follow TENS Therapy

TENS therapy is considered as a new way to treat Plantar Fasciitis. Small doses of electric current are used here to stimulate the nerves of your feet, improve the blood flow and prevent the signs of the pain of your body. Some of this devices look like a pair of sandals that you can put on your feet while others look like a cell phone attached to electrodes.

It is tested and proven that TENS therapy works effectively to reduce inflammation, stiffness, and pain in the Plantar Fascia. After having this treatment you can walk or do your other works without suffering the pain on your foot.

Till now whatever I have told you about the ways to get instant relief from Plantar Fasciitis. But sometimes you are not lucky enough to get rid of this problem so easily. Because most of the times you use to give importance to the inflammation that trouble you most and you want a quick result. In those cases, it will be good to follow the fast treatments. But those who have chronic problems of this ailment, then it is not enough and you have to follow a long-term treatment programme to cure this ailment. Here the ways are discussed.

Visit A Reflexologist

If you are living in a city area it is not hard enough to find out a reflexologist. He or she is the right person to tell you the reason behind of your pains. A reflexologist can identify the Plantar Fasciitis and also can tee you the proper way, how to get relief from it.

Get Some Acupuncture

If you are capable enough to spend little more for your this problem then you should visit an acupuncturist. If you can afford a couple of sessions then he or she is the expert enough to look after your calves and feet. All I can ensure you that nothing can fix your Plantar Fasciitis problem so quickly and perhaps for a longer period.

Make Yourself A Rice Bag

Rice bag is another option that you can use regularly to get a permanent solution of Plantar Fasciitis. Rice bag is not that kind of device that has some complex features. It is nothing but a bag that should be big enough to rest both feet is made out of some fabric (muslin) which is filled but not stuffed with some rice. Now you need to heat the bag to that level which is enough for you to get warmth to your feet. But you have to make sure that it should not be a scorching heat.

This home-made device follows the damp-heat principle. As rice heats, it starts releasing moisture which provides you the necessary warmth to your feet to give you comfort on your Plantar Fascia. In this way, you’ll get relief from the kind of pain which make you suffer the most.

Using Orthotics

As I said earlier one of the big reasons behind Plantar Fasciitis is, using faulty shoes which cannot match with your foot arch. If you want to get rid of this, you need to use orthotic shoe inserts which fits your foot and provides the support what your foot needs. These work to reduce stress and set your Plantar Fascia ligament in order. But one thing you must not forget to use orthotic sole insert to your both feet in spite of having pain in one foot.

Select Shoes of Perfect Size  

It is very common to see that people usually give more priority to their looks and fashion rather than the comfort and health. Especially women those who use high heeled shoes suffer a lot from heel pain and Plantar Fasciitis as well. Most of the time it is seen that men footwear are either too tight or too loose. Both these are one of the main responsible for Plantar Fasciitis. So if you do not want to be affected by this ailment then you have to choose footwear that is comfortable and has enough arch supports and well cushioned.

Wear Night Splints

Night splint is a device looks like a sandal or a boot which you need to wear during your night sleep. This will provide you support to the affected foot and you will see a significant reduction of foot pain after waking up next morning. Night splints can be used alone or along with orthotic shoe inserts to get the best result for those who have been facing terrible pain since past few years.

If you think that all the points what I have suggested so far are the ultimate to get relief from Plantar Fasciitis is not correct. There are few more. But keeping in mind the ways what can easily be adopted by you I have chosen only those. All I hope that you will surely be relieved from Plantar Fasciitis, an ailment that could take you of the operation table in future if unattended. It is explained here both ways a fast relief and the ultimate cure. So you can pick the one you need the most the moment when you follow this.

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